On January 19th Orthodox Christians celebrate Epiphany Day. The priests make a sanctification of water in the rivers and lakes and then brave people can plunge into water 3 times. Christians believe that this helps to get rid of all sins and illnesses, to clean the body and soul and to start new period of life with God’s blessings.

Fine dining

Early morning is the best time to capture the real vibe of the city you go to or live in. Still streets and quiet roads waking up, filled with hurried passers-by, the ringing of phones and cars honking, that one morning coffee you've promised to cut on for the past few years – there's an inexplicable charm in the mornings we tend to miss out. Lviv is the city where it could be truly felt with each fiber of the soul. While coffee is a good way to start the day, let's not forget about breakfast, and see where you can have it served best.


Ukraine's promptly developing history is being carefully documented in all social networks imaginable, as well as newspapers. Mostly published Ukrainian or Russian, they reflect on the news from the world of politics, economics or urban life. However, English speaking newspapers in Ukraine also exist. See which ones are currently the most popular.


Last year was bountiful with various art events: the loud opening of Kyiv Podil Theatre, GogolFest traditional artists meet-up, long-awaited Kyiv Biennale and many others. The art spaces that host these events usually are true veterans of Kyiv cultural scene, dating back to mid-decade or start of the millennium. However, 2017 presented new players in the game. Check out these new places to keep an eye on this year.


Shopping spots in Lviv now boast something for every budget from classy and pricey shops selling designer clothes to more affordable shopping malls selling mass-market popular brands. With Soviet-era austerity now a thing of the past, you can enjoy pleasant shopping experience in Lviv. In recent years Lviv turned into shopping destination of Western Ukraine with impressive selection of brand’s boutiques, shopping malls and pop-up fashion fairs.


"Trust your heart", "Your heart knows the truth"...It is mentioned in the popular sayings so often there is no doubt left: heart has been one of the central images since the dawn of culture. Moreover, it is a crucially important organ. People often give it no attention until it starts to misbehave. At times like this, only the help of the best specialists could help. Let's have a look at the list of the best Ukrainian clinics of cardiac surgery.

Real estate

Shelter - is one of our most basic needs. Accommodation is going to be the first thing you must find in Kyiv right after you book your tickets, so here are some handy tips and some Ukrainian real estate sites in English to keep you off the streets at night.

Cars & Boats

Winter conditions in Ukraine can be unpredictable, however most of the techniques required in any cold environments are common sense. «Destinations» rounded up some guidelines that can help you stay safe when driving in adverse winter conditions.


Olga Businello: Woman’s Approach to a Serious Business

We met with Olga Businello in Kyiv after her long day of flights, but, nevertheless, her eyes were shining and her smile sincerely welcomed me. It was her first visit to Ukraine. This strong and at the same time tender woman is the Manager of a huge Valpolicella wine consortium, that includes more than 2000 wineries and production companies  famous all over the world with its Amarone wine. She was the first lady in Italy and in Europe who got that high position. Daily challenges made her the highly professional manager of a serious business. And today this wonderful woman discovers Ukraine.

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