The largest Ukrainian music festival has just come to an end, and those who were lucky to attend it are now full of unforgettable experiences and memories. Let`s recall the brightest moments of this great music event in 2018 and check out what to expect from the upcoming Atlas Weekend 2019.

Fine dining

Summer in Kyiv has its own charming flavor, consisting of bright experiences and new tastes. So where can we feel the taste of summer? Apart from riverside beaches and vibrant parties, it hides in cozy bars where we can spend a relaxing evening with delicious cocktails and good conversation. Newly-born bars of Ukrainian capital welcome you for a drink in July 2018.


Recently the Kyiv City State Administration has concluded a list of the most popular tourist hotels in Kyiv. Mostly located in the downtown, these hotels offer prime service to ensure the best experience for city guests. All of them are traditionally equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and have more intriguing features like in-door pools and luxurious restaurants with panoramic windows.


On July 13 the famous Potocki Palace opens an exhibition in the framework of LvivMozArt festival. Visitors will have a unique chance to see rarities of the Mozart dynasty period like art, illustrations, goblets and the real gem of the exhibition — the Mozart violin.


The early 2010s anti-fur companies in the world of haute couture paved a way for the new strong movement. Nowadays, sustainable fashion is promptly gaining popularity across the globe. The basis of the movement lays on three principles: buying quality items that will last longer opposed to fast fashion trends, wearing vintage and shopping from small producers to support the rights of fabric workers. Ukraine has also joined the fight to save the planet and has plenty of upcycling brands, which use secondhand materials to create new unique items.


Life is unpredictable, so we’d better be prepared for everything that it brings – both good and bad. If we find ourselves in a situation that is far from safe, it is much better to feel self-confident and secure than lost and unprotected. Attending a good class of self-defense and martial arts can surely help with this; besides, it benefits to health of our body & mind. Let`s see where to attend effective self-defense courses in Kyiv.

Real estate

Many gardeners find themselves in the same situation every year — how to bring a fresh touch to the garden after winter? While décor prices may be discouraging, the trendy rustic style can make redecorating budget-friendly and exciting for DIY lovers. Let’s look at its key elements to freshen up the garden in 2018.

Cars & Boats

Standing on the curb with your arm flapping in the air is so last century. The best way to get a cab now is to reach into your pocket and let an app do all the work. Nowadays different taxi booking apps are available in Kiev.


Give Me 1000 Years - I will Paint the Sky and will not Repeat!

Before the interview with Ivan Marchuk I was excited.  You can read in Wikipedia that this modern Ukrainian painter, People's Artist of Ukraine, laureate of Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine,  inventor of his unique pliontanism style, in 2007 was included in the list of top-100 outstanding geniuses of our time according to The Daily Telegraph. All prepared questions seemed to me awkward and primitive when I was thinking of the interview with the genius.


Helen Garbuz: Expat Eco Gardening in Ukraine

Originally from New Jersey, Helen came to Ukraine in June 1998 to work for a US government funded technical assistance program for one year. She enjoyed the country so much that she found a permanent job as Program Hub Director for the US school exchange program FLEX. However, after the birth of a son, Helen’s career took a back seat and she decided to become a full time mother and an active member of the International Women's Club of Kyiv. Nowadays Helen has a dacha in Pyriatyn rayon, Poltava oblast, where she is actively engaged in an exciting hobby — ecological gardening.

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