The upcoming weekend in Kyiv is rich on various events and happenings. Don’t stay in, «Destinations» rounds up some interesting recommendations for a February 18th - 19th, 2017 weekend in Kyiv.

Fine dining

Lviv is a mecca for many coffee enthusiasts. There is an impressive number of coffee shops in the city. From hipster loft cafes to the bourgeois bistros, drinking a cup of coffee in one of these places became an iconic experience for Lviv dwellers and city’s guests.


People working jobs that require creative thinking know how important the atmosphere at the work place is. In order to create something new and notable, one needs to be inspired and enjoy a comfortable atmosphere. Luckily Kyiv has recently joined the international trend of co-working and  creative-space places, where people come to work, create and sometimes simply procrastinate. «Destinations» rounds up the list go places located in Podil area, where one can both work and play hard.


Photo: Pinchuk Art Center
With such vast wealth of public galleries, creative events, and white spaces, no selection of the top five art galleries in Kyiv can be comprehensive. However, «Destinations» narrowed down some better-known exhibition spaces as well as pioneering galleries totally worth visiting.


From notebooks to the kind of stuff you never even knew you wanted (think paper clips, doodle pads and organizers) we put together a little compilation of Ukraine’s most exciting stationery brands. So whether you’re looking to get somebody a more personalized gift or beautify your own work station, start noting these down digitally so that you can write them in your own notebook later.


Fencing is a beautiful and very challenging sport. It requires hand-eye coordination, explosiveness, and pinpoint accuracy. Fencing workout trend has reached Kyiv recently. With many capital’s fitness clubs offering fencing lessons these days, «Destinations» narrows down some useful information on this aristocratic sport.

Real estate

Villa Tugendhat Museum (Brno), Brno City Council, Lviv City Council, Lviv Architectural Union and Czech Republic Embassy in Lviv are happy to announce the opening of Villa Tugendhat Architectural Exhibition at Lviv Art Palace (17, Kopernika street, Lviv).

Cars & Boats

For more independent travel in Ukraine, renting a car may be a good idea. Many of the world's leading car rental companies have offices throughout Ukraine. It should be easy to hire a car but all the different insurances and conditions of hire can make it hard to make the right choice.


Lviv of Ihor Lylo

The associate professor of Lviv Ivan Franko National University, in 1999 Ihor Lylo has defended a thesis and is the author of "Touring Lviv", "A motorcar trip through  Ukraine” guides. He is a co-author of "Our Lviv" and "Our Chernivtsi" DVD-projects. Ihor is a co-owner of an excursion studio and the author of “Lviv cuisine” book. We are happy to share with you our conversation with Ihor about Lviv city.

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