Welcome to join the party together with Fryday Afterwork on Friday, September 22 at the Golden Gate - one of Kyiv’s oldest and greatest Irish Pubs.

Fine dining

You don't need 15 page menu of boring stuff - it's one thing that makes people come back to Arsenal restaurant in Lviv and its the awesome ribs. Housed in a historical building of former city’s arsenal, which later was turned into Weapons museum inside the old city walls, Arsenal. Ribs and spirits is among most popular barbecue restaurants in Lviv. In 2017 this restaurant is also nominated for the best meat restaurant in SALT National Restaurant Award.


Many travelers and even native Kyiv dwellers feel surprised when they hear that a large fortress is located in the very center of Ukrainian capital. However, it is true, and those who are interested can find this historical place, hidden in the labyrinth of Pechersk district streets. Kosoy Kaponir fortress, situated near Kyiv military hospital, impresses visitors with its significant size and spectacular views. Let us consider the history of this unique location.


British Council in Ukraine is happy to announce performances of 12 finalists of the third “Taking the Stage” theatre program. The finalists will present sketches of their stage plays to Ukrainian-British jury and wide audience in the course of a mini-festival, which will take place on October 6-7, 2017. 


We all want to be original and bring home some little keepsakes that would remind us of the memories associated with the visited places once we are back home. «Destinations» handpicked the most interesting and unusual souvenirs to bring back home from Ukraine.


WISH Family Space is a new family recreational complex near Kyiv. It is located in «Wishneve mistechko» residential complex 9 kms away from the city center. This place is a perfect option for family fun and relaxation not far from the city. WISH family space is a  club, so guests either have to buy membership or one-day visit card (UAH 1000).

Real estate


Believe it or not, summer is already over, and many of us are already setting our sights on what home design and hues will be huge in fall and winter. After scouring Interior design magazines and Pinterest we came up with the list of trends very popular in the next season. Of course, remember to choose what you love, regardless of what might be in style. But as the weather shifts from summer to fall, it can be fun (and not to mention easy and cheap) to make a few changes to your house as well. Here's what interior design experts predict will be "in" for fall and winter 2017.

Cars & Boats

Nowadays, Kiev is becoming more and more popular and attractive for foreign visitors. When it comes to choosing a taxi service, foreigners often face the problem of finding an English-speaking driver or dispatcher. Though Kiev offers an impressing number of taxi services, most of them still do not have English-speaking employees. However, there are some taxi companies in Kiev, which are ready to provide all their services in English language.


Hector Jimenez-Bravo: the successful foreigner in Ukraine

Hector Jimenez-Bravo does not need to be introduced to Ukrainian audience. He is the TV star, great chef and successful businessman who has been living in Kiev for 4 years already. “Destinations” asked Hector about his recipe for success.

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