Word “clubbing” may have different meaning depending on the type of club you choose to go. For some of us, this term means luxury, strict dress code and expensive cocktails, while other imagine dancing the whole night on a crazy rave in a noisy crowd. This time, our article is for the latter: we are going to tell about the most atmospheric underground clubs and bars of Ukrainian capital.

Fine dining

It’s no news that the way food looks is just as important and enjoyable as the taste itself. Throw in dining in a carefully created atmosphere and a simple meal becomes a memorable event in busy day-to-day life. Modern restaurant and café owners understand it well: Kyiv’s downtown is filled with fine dining spots with exquisite interior and delicious food. We chose top 10 spots for a perfect Instagram picture to share with friends.


One of the battles that changed the course of history happened 300 years ago. It was the Battle of Poltava. Remembered by Russians with great respect, and not forgotten by Swedes, this battle naturally is renown in Ukraine as well — after all, the famous Cossack Hetmanate also took part in it. Let’s see what caused one of the decisive turns of the Great Northern War and how it went.


The ancient Opishnia village located in Poltava region is often called the capital of Ukrainian pottery.  That’s why it is not surprising that a celebration of Potter Day quickly grew into a massive festive event gathering potters from all over Ukraine in this small faraway dot on the map. This June, visitors of the festival will witness the process and results of the trade.


Long-awaited hot summer 2018 has finally come, so we are enthusiastically planning exciting times on the beach. Of course, all the ladies wish to feel like queens on a riverside or seacoast, so they are searching for the most beautiful swimming suits. This task gets easier with our article about Ukrainian swimming suit brands: Ukrainian designers have everything to make you feel like a superstar on any beach!


Summer can be called a small life but no matter how small it is, often the season looks very promising. Often it’s the best time to simply recharge, restore the emotional balance and body’s vitamin stock to feel a champion all year round. A SPA-doctor and dietician of the country club Grand Admiral Resort & SPA Olha Kostiukovych gives tips to spend the season to the full potential.

Real estate

Making your home a beautiful and cozy place is an important and pleasant task to do. Small details such as unusual lamps, funny photo frames, aroma candles, colorful pillows and elegant vases create special atmosphere of your apartment and make it unique. Where to get all these stylish décor elements at one go? Check out our list of nice shops and studios with home goods in Kyiv.

Cars & Boats

Lifestyle Camper is a Ukrainian brand of mobile homes for active leisure, comfortable touring and fishing or hunting trips. Created by Pavlo Volkov and Andriy Pilyavskyy, Lifestyle Camper brand is quickly gaining popularity not only in Ukraine but also in other countries.


Paolo Coia: at the Cutting Edge of Innovative Design

Italian designer Paolo Coia creates unique things that perfectly unite aesthetic and practical functions. His works, including modernized electronic version of traditional Ukrainian instrument – bandura, look like they have just arrived from the future with help of a time machine. In our interview Paolo has told about his sources of inspirations, upcoming projects and experience of visiting and working in Ukraine.


Plants’ Health Institute in Cherkassy by Vitaly Ilchenko

On June 7, 2018 in Cherkassy the Institute of Plants’ Health was solemnly opened. It is the first private research institute in Ukraine, into creation of which Ukravit group of companies invested $ 7 million. And the initiator of such a large-scale return of Ukrainians into science is the owner of Ukravit - Vitaly Ilchenko.

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