This spring, Kharkiv welcomes locals and tourists to its Music Fest, which promises to open eyes on classical music and show how different it can be. If you still consider that classical music is sleep-inducing, this event might change your mind for good. Performed as a comedy musical or live in malls, at markets, at the airport, train stations or even in the subway, music will fill the streets of Kharkiv, as well as listeners' hearts.

Fine dining

Obolon' quay is a beloved place for long strolls in spring and summer, and when Kyiv is graced with snow, adults and kids from all over the city come over here to enjoy sledging. Naturally, in both cases the next point is crucial: where to eat and relax afterwards? Luckily, in the recent years quay became home for many cafes and restaurants. 2018 welcomes another 'dweller' – SODA Bar&Restaurant. Let's see what's special about it.


Since the implementation of visa-free regime with the countries of the European Union, Ukraine has promptly become a new business dot on the map for low-cost airlines. Those living in Ukraine joyfully read about new flights from different cities being added nearly every months. However, one controversial situation stayed still — what about Ryanair? Well, this fall the situation will finally see its justice.


This spring, the capital is graced with an opening of the new unusual spot —Museum of Sex. Officially called Sex.Ed.Museum, it is aimed at educating Ukrainian society about sexual culture and physiology. Let's have a look!


Each year market is filled with more and more trendy shops, that usually belong to one or two monster corporations. Not only those shops promote so called 'fast fashion', harmful for ecology of our planet, but also have pretty poor quality of clothing: missing buttons, ugly seams or prints that lose their color after the first laundry… Luckily, with small and independent brands it's not a problem. Let's see which Ukrainian brands make the best menswear.


While day to day life mostly runs smoothly, sometimes it brings unpleasant surprises that concern our health. It is especially crucial when one tends to overwork themselves or appears to be under a great stress for a long time. Sometimes, accidents that have nothing to do with the person's lifestyle happen, too. All those situations need quick reaction and adequate care — that's why we gathered a guide on how to get medical help in Ukraine.

Real estate

If in 2018 you are planning to renew your apartment or office, you might have started to choose appropriate style, furniture and décor already. However, this is not an easy thing to do: design tendencies change every year, so when you want your apartment to look stylish and modern, you cannot always be sure about what is considered as trendy right now. For you to avoid getting lost in numerous articles about interior design, Destinations offers the main 2018 trends.

Cars & Boats

Starting from 2018, new rules for drivers came into force on the territory of Ukraine. The introduced innovations are purposed to decrease the number of accidents on the roads and to improve safety standards for drivers and pedestrians. The updated rules concern speed limitations, video monitoring of traffic violations, issuing of driver license and some other issues. Check out detailed updated rules for drivers in Ukraine 2018 to keep up with the newest laws.


Olga Businello: Woman’s Approach to a Serious Business

We met with Olga Businello in Kyiv after her long day of flights, but, nevertheless, her eyes were shining and her smile sincerely welcomed me. It was her first visit to Ukraine. This strong and at the same time tender woman is the Manager of a huge Valpolicella wine consortium, that includes more than 2000 wineries and production companies  famous all over the world with its Amarone wine. She was the first lady in Italy and in Europe who got that high position. Daily challenges made her the highly professional manager of a serious business. And today this wonderful woman discovers Ukraine.


Agrolocomotive of Ukraine: Talking Analytics

The agrarian sector has been the locomotive of economic growth in Ukraine in recent years. Agriculture generates about 12% of the country's GDP, providing jobs for millions of Ukrainians. Let's see what experts have to say about the current rates and agrarian sector future.

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