Kurazh Bazar flea market in Kyiv is perfect event to buy or sell Christmas gifts, enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Christmas party and spend some fun and exciting time with your friends and family.

Fine dining

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November 28th, was the date when Great Christmas Lent had started. The traditions of celebrating Christmas in Ukraine reach back hundreds of years and boast unique authenticity and interesting rituals, which also concern food.


From pre-Christian times, the holiday of Christmas celebrated on the winter solstice was the one that linked the visible and invisible world and opened windows into dimensions – those inhabited by spirits and ancestors of the family. 


The biggest and technologically advanced movie theater in Ukraine Multiplex was opened on December 1st, 2016 in Lavina Mall shopping center in Kyiv.


It feels good to make someone else happy with a thoughtful gift. But let's be honest: It can also be pretty stressful. Whether you're looking for a gift for your girlfriend, your mom, your sister, or your crazy aunt from overseas, «Destinations» prepared a list of Christmas gift ideas for all the special women in your life.


Today ice skating is possible all the year round thanks to covered rinks with artificial frost. But we like to enjoy this kind of outdoor activities especially in winter with Christmas atmosphere around.

Real estate

Bring cheer to your house this holiday season with some interesting Christmas home decorating ideas. «Destinations» and interior designer Oksana Lazarets (Sulyk Architects, Lviv) bring some useful tips  how to make your house exceptionally festive, cozy and stylish this winter.

Cars & Boats

Winter conditions in Ukraine can be unpredictable, however most of the techniques required in any cold environments are common sense. «Destinations» rounded up some guidelines that can help you stay safe when driving in adverse winter conditions.


Business in Ukraine: Expats’ Experience

We hope that this quick-fire quiz of successful foreign businessmen in Ukraine can help other entrepreneurs from abroad to set up their business in this country.

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