This summer for many music fans is marked with a grand UPark festival, when famous bands like Gorillaz and Massive Attack will light up Kyiv's music scene with their hits. Recently, a founder of Ulichnaya Eda food fest announced a new festival – Belive, planned to take place at the Olimpiyskiy Stadium this June. Let's find out what's so special about it.

Fine dining

Any acquaintance with a new culture starts with basics: language, facts about the country, history, and, of course, national cuisine. It is true to say that every country prides themselves with their cuisine, even more so when some of the dishes go beyond its borders and become internationally popular. Ukraine is no exception to the case, that’s why Destinations picked 10 best traditional Ukrainian dishes to get acquainted with.


In Ukraine, trains are an incredibly popular means of transport — sometimes so popular, you blink once and tickets are sold out in an hour, especially during holidays. Luckily, Ukrzailznytsia regularly upgrades their services and adds more train destinations. Destinations gathered a digest of railway news as of March 2018.


The oldest opera house in Ukraine has an incredible history: starting from its construction in the 19th century and immediate fire, to hosting legendary composers like Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, famous singers like Enrico Caruso and talented dancers like Isadora Duncan. Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater has an intriguing story to tell — let’s check it out!


In mere years wearing Ukrainian fashion brands has grown from an unusual trend to a common thing: many local manufacturers proved to be reliable, stylish and reasonably priced, earning their rightful place in Ukrainians’ wardrobes. This March, one more outlet appeared in Kyiv - this time on the left bank.


Sometimes, no matter the reason, it is simply necessary to unwind and take some time for yourself. While lying on the couch and eating take-out may sound as the best way to relax, it may not be what our body needs. Part of the reason massages and spa treatments are so popular is that they are not only pleasant, but also have a positive long-term effect on health. Destinations picked the best spa hotels in Ukraine for an antistress journey.

Real estate

Zv’yazani is a young Kyiv-based brand, designing handmade rugs with signature variations of traditional Ukrainian patterns. The brand founders dream to revive old Ukrainian art of weaving, combining it with modern trends. Currently brand offers three main types of rugs: rugs with Ukrainian motifs, Morocco style rugs and exclusive items made by individual requests.

Cars & Boats

Starting from 2018, new rules for drivers came into force on the territory of Ukraine. The introduced innovations are purposed to decrease the number of accidents on the roads and to improve safety standards for drivers and pedestrians. The updated rules concern speed limitations, video monitoring of traffic violations, issuing of driver license and some other issues. Check out detailed updated rules for drivers in Ukraine 2018 to keep up with the newest laws.


Terry Pickard: 25 Сhallenging and Exciting Years in Ukraine

A pioneer of post-Soviet Era of Real Estate market in Ukraine, Terry Pickard founded his company way back in 1992. During those 25 years, Pickard Real Estate & Asset Services has opened a line of specialized divisions, offering services in brokerage, leasing, and property management. Sure enough, Mr. Pickard faced multiple challenges of opening and sustaining business in a foreign country, yet he managed not only to overcome those, but find one more passion in his life. By founding The Connoisseur Club, Terry Pickard gathered fans of exquisite fine dining, who review various cuisine restaurants in Kyiv. Now he shares his challenges and achivements while living in Ukraine as well as his expectations about the future.


Ukraine Must Become an Agrarian Superstate

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations expects the world population to reach 10 billion people by 2050, which will boost demand for food. Can Ukraine leap at the chance and become a key player in the food market? What windows of opportunity are open today? Vladyslava Rutytska, a member of National Reform Council, vicepresident of SigmaBleyzer and AgroGeneration, has shared her views on these and other topical agribusiness issues with us.

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