Despite the weather fluctuations, spring still stays the most fitting time to shed the blankets we wrapped around ourselves in winter and set off to explore the surroundings. After all, in almost half a year Kiev has seen openings of various fine dining spots, exhibitions, and even department stores. Sure enough, festivals grab attention as well — from culture to entertainment, these events in spring gather both dwellers of Kiev and tourists. Let’s check out the top-5 festivals that will take place in the capital this spring.

Fine dining

Merhaba! It’s high time to indulge in the real spring weather with its heat and dreamy thoughts about vacation. Sometimes no matter what the thermometer shows, we still are starved for the pleasant climate after the prolonged winter. While taking a week off might not be an option for many, visiting fine dining spots with the right atmosphere may be a good solution. Destinations gathered a guide of the best Turkish restaurants in Kyiv’s downtown to enjoy the atmosphere and, of course, delights.


This year, Ukrainian capital will host big important sport events such as UEFA Championship and World Boxing Council congress. Kyiv administration takes this challenge seriously and has already started to prepare the city for the upcoming inrush of tourists. In spring 2018, several renovated touristic sights will be opened in Kyiv, making city more attractive for foreign guests. This information has been recently announced by the city state administration media office and personally by the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klychko.


There’s hardly a person who has lived in Ukraine and never heard of the ГОГОЛЬFEST — an annual Ukrainian festival of contemporary arts, aimed at establishing communication between artists of various spheres and nations. For 10 years, the festival was based in Kyiv and gathered the art elite and active participants. This spring, ГОГОЛЬFEST changed the concept and moved south — to Mariupol, near the Azov Sea. Let’s take a look.


On April 17, a new L’AKMUS Bags & Shoes store was opened in a popular shopping center Ocean Plaza in Kyiv. The brand finally entered offline retail after 3 years of successful sales online. An official distributor of famous brands like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, L’AKMUS found its place on the Ukrainian market. Let’s see what else it has in store.


Year 2018 is packed with fun runs, marathons and other great active events. In case you are an avid runner or just planning to try marathon running for the first time, «Destinations» rounds up a list of major marathons and sport events that will be taking place all over Ukraine in 2018.

Real estate

Prices for real estate in Ukraine have changed drastically throughout the last decade, and buying or renting an apartment isn't the same as it was even several years ago. We interviewed a real estate expert with 20 years of experience, Glib Denysenko, and asked about the main tendencies for investments, the best time for investment and forecast for 2018.

Cars & Boats

Starting from 2018, new rules for drivers came into force on the territory of Ukraine. The introduced innovations are purposed to decrease the number of accidents on the roads and to improve safety standards for drivers and pedestrians. The updated rules concern speed limitations, video monitoring of traffic violations, issuing of driver license and some other issues. Check out detailed updated rules for drivers in Ukraine 2018 to keep up with the newest laws.


Born in Ukraine: Expat Women about Childbirth in Kyiv

The birth of a child is a miracle that is awaited with trembling and anxiety. The joy of the soon appearance of the baby in this world is closely intertwined with the excitement of the birth itself.  Parents-to-be are worried about how and where to give birth and if a couple is foreigners in Ukraine, then their excitement, as a rule, is multiplied by several times, and very often reasonably.


Ukraine Must Become an Agrarian Superstate

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations expects the world population to reach 10 billion people by 2050, which will boost demand for food. Can Ukraine leap at the chance and become a key player in the food market? What windows of opportunity are open today? Vladyslava Rutytska, a member of National Reform Council, vicepresident of SigmaBleyzer and AgroGeneration, has shared her views on these and other topical agribusiness issues with us.

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