If any of you had been wondering “Where is Champions League final 2018?” we are happy to announce that it is, in fact, closer than ever. The grand sports event of this spring will feature a match between the two-time defending champions Spanish Real Madrid and English Liverpool. The winners will earn the right to compete in 2018 UEFA Super Cup and semi-finals of the 2018 FIFA Club World Cup, but before we make any predictions, let's have a look at the best way to settle in Kiev to witness the May match.

Fine dining

It's largely known that hubs are usually associated with IT. However, the recently opened Insider Craft Hub can change this often connection. Following the success of many Ukrainian craft beers, the local brewer Andrii Matsola has opened the doors to fellow colleagues and enthusiasts to develop the promptly growing sphere of Ukrainian business.


The warm season in Kyiv is a beginning of many things: barbecues, outdoor festivals, and, of course, cruises on the Dnipro River. Each year at the beginning of May, Kyiv Port opens its doors for tourists and locals who want to see the city from a new angle. This year the two-deck ships will take passengers on 5 different routes to explore the city’s waters.


Following the founding of the Kyiv Museum of Sex and a few BDSM bars, the new ‘free’ erotic space S39 has opened recently in the capital. Just like the said spots, S39 is aimed at breaking taboos set in the Ukrainian society, where sex is often considered shameful and impure.


Viktoria Kozlova, famous Ukrainian business lady, fashion expert, the co-owner of One Group shares her recommendations about summer “must haves” for men based on the last fashion trends of the world famous brands.


If the weather in Kiev burns your mind, there are perfect escape options - the 3 best resort complexes near Kiev to sunbathe, swim, relax and really enjoy summer a bit further away from the city.

Real estate

While redecorating a room or even an apartment may initially sound fun, often it becomes a taxing ordeal — measuring furniture in the shops, keeping it all written and flicking through endless color palettes can easily kill the vibe. Luckily, the rise of technology makes interior design easier for everyone, especially with the Augmented Reality apps that let you see the result right on your phone screen.

Cars & Boats

The first car sharing service in Kyiv – Getmancar – has recently started its work in test mode. Car sharing is per-minute rent of car, with fuel, car washing, season rubber, maintenance support and taxes included in price. To use this comfortable service, you will have just to register on website or in mobile application.


Sam Kearley: Kyiv Yesterday and Today

Being the Country Manager of Fryday Ukraine, an international networking of business professionals responsible for organizing for more than 100 events per year in the country, Mr. Sam Kearley has witnessed many changes here in Ukraine. Nevertheless Kyiv has become his home.


Ukraine Must Become an Agrarian Superstate

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations expects the world population to reach 10 billion people by 2050, which will boost demand for food. Can Ukraine leap at the chance and become a key player in the food market? What windows of opportunity are open today? Vladyslava Rutytska, a member of National Reform Council, vicepresident of SigmaBleyzer and AgroGeneration, has shared her views on these and other topical agribusiness issues with us.

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