New 2018 year is coming, and it will surely delight us with numerous bright and exciting cultural festivals. Though the most of art and music events are usually announced shortly before the date, the largest and the most influential Ukrainian festivals have already presented interesting information on their new upcoming programs. So which main cultural events 2018 are mostly awaited in Ukraine? Let`s check out!

Fine dining

Fandom Coffee Bar has already acquired popularity among the public, which highly appreciates beauty, comfort and delightful European cuisine. It is a good place for a cup of coffee and lunch to fill up for the rest of your day. In the evening, Fandom welcomes lone visitors, as well as big companies to taste the bar's special cocktails.


Lviv holds the status of tourist mecca in Ukraine for many years. The narrow winding streets, famous chocolate and coffee, spirit of the old times and city's undeniable charm lure in thousands each year. What if you've seen it all? There are some unexpected places that Lviv has up its sleeve.


A growing number of Ukrainian musicians considers Europe and America as the target market. The number of groups, whose tour schedules include not only Ukrainian cities, is constantly growing. «Destinations» gathered a list of Ukrainian bands who have made a big international break-through in recent years.


Litkovskaya Ukrainian fashion brand creates unusual bright urban-influenced women clothes that keep to concept of minimalism. The items offered by the brand are the perfect choice for ladies with creative personality and strong character, who think that style lives in details. On January 17, 2018, the brand presented its new spacious and light French-inspired showroom. The presentation was united with Liliya Litkovskaya birthday party.


Most of people are planning to become happy parents when the right time comes. Of course, to create a new life, both man and woman need to have a completely healthy reproductive system. However, this system is a fine and complicated mechanism that unfortunately does not work like a charm at times. Nowadays, when a family faces problems of such kind, they lay big hopes on reproductive medicine. Check out top 10 reproductive health clinics in Ukraine, where qualified professionals help their clients to experience the wonder of parenthood.

Real estate

Shelter - is one of our most basic needs. Accommodation is going to be the first thing you must find in Kyiv right after you book your tickets, so here are some handy tips and some Ukrainian real estate sites in English to keep you off the streets at night.

Cars & Boats

Winter conditions in Ukraine can be unpredictable, however most of the techniques required in any cold environments are common sense. «Destinations» rounded up some guidelines that can help you stay safe when driving in adverse winter conditions.


Olga Businello: Woman’s Approach to a Serious Business

We met with Olga Businello in Kyiv after her long day of flights, but, nevertheless, her eyes were shining and her smile sincerely welcomed me. It was her first visit to Ukraine. This strong and at the same time tender woman is the Manager of a huge Valpolicella wine consortium, that includes more than 2000 wineries and production companies  famous all over the world with its Amarone wine. She was the first lady in Italy and in Europe who got that high position. Daily challenges made her the highly professional manager of a serious business. And today this wonderful woman discovers Ukraine.

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