There’s hardly a person who has lived in Ukraine and never heard of the ГОГОЛЬFEST — an annual Ukrainian festival of contemporary arts, aimed at establishing communication between artists of various spheres and nations. For 10 years, the festival was based in Kyiv and gathered the art elite and active participants. This spring, ГОГОЛЬFEST changed the concept and moved south — to Mariupol, near the Azov Sea. Let’s take a look.

On April, 14 the jubilee exhibition which is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Museum of Odessa Modern Art was opened at the museum. New exposition examines the artistic heritage of the city, reveals the main stages in the development of contemporary art in Odessa, and captures the creativity of young Odessa artists.

Everyone is welcome to the "Schweizweit" exhibition opening at Lavra Kyiv Municipal Gallery on April 19, 2018. The exhibition is organized within the framework of the 11th CANactions International Architectural Festival.

This April, Kyiv will witness a live embodiment of the famous song ‘Paint It Black’ by The Rolling Stones. The Sergey Makhno Gallery hosts “The Black Black Sea” exhibition, where each object from ceramics to paintings is made in black color. Destinations met with the founder of the gallery and one of the project’s participants, the renowned Ukrainian architect and founder of the first Ukrainian gallery of object design Sergey Makhno, to talk art, Ukrainian culture and black color. 

As told by many fashionistas, ‘black is the new black’. The color has conquered the fashion world long ago, and now it’s time for its revival in art. This April, Sergey Makhno Gallery hosts an exhibition ‘The Black Black Sea’, where each object from ceramics to paintings is made in black color. A duo of architect Sergey Makhno and painter Roman Mykhaylov will take visitors into the delightful world of contemporary art.

A popular Ukrainian band Brunettes Shoot Blondes has recently won a prestigious Los Angeles Film Awards for the visuals in their ‘HIPS’ music video. Luckily, they’re not the first band to be internationally recognized: slowly but surely Ukrainian music invades streaming services like Spotify, where singers and bands gain millions of followers. Let’s see which hits have the local artists released lately.

On April 11, francophones and francophiles residing in Kyiv will have an opportunity to visit a special presentation, dedicated to the French translation of the renowned Ukrainian art book ‘Skrynia’. The printed work has been recently presented in the Salon Livre Paris and now will be introduced in Kyiv’s It's NOT the LOUVR gallery bar featuring the special guest of the night, a Ukrainian singer Katya Chilly.

Ukrainian folk fairy tales is a popular genre of Ukrainian traditional folk art. These stories, which have been handed down from generation to generation, embody wisdom of the ancestors, their life experience, feelings and dreams. The main idea of any folk fairy tale is that a good, kind, brave and honest person with an open heart always overcomes all obstacles and gains victory over evil forces. Let`s get into details and learn interesting facts about the characters and topics of Ukrainian fairy tales.

Spring is in the air, and we desire new bright experiences and emotions. Of course, taking a stroll along sunny streets and having a coffee in a green park sounds just perfect, but what to do in the evening? Fortunately, there are plenty of options, and watching an exciting movie in a comfortable chair of a modern cinema is one of the best decisions. Check out new movie premiers in Ukraine in April 2018 that are going to bring us some more spring excitement.

PERMANENT REVOLUTION, an exhibition of Ukrainian contemporary art, opens in Ludwig Museum in Budapest on 5 April, 2018. This is the first wide-scale museum presentation of Ukrainian contemporary art to the European audience. PERMANENT REVOLUTION exhibition will be showcased in Budapest from April 6 until June 24, 2018.

The spring has finally come, so it`s the right time for getting some bright insights and impressions. As we all know, art is the greatest source of new emotions and interesting thoughts, so attending a good exhibition is a perfect decision for a warm April day. Let`s check out April 2018 main exhibitions in Kyiv, where we can get inspired and expand our mind horizons.

Ukrainian folk art is a special layer of culture, reflecting world perception of Ukrainian people, their psychology, ethical and aesthetical views. Folk art unites different forms of spiritual, functional and decorative arts. Various folk motifs are used in producing and decorating of household items, clothes, art and ritual objects. By materials and techniques used, traditional Ukrainian art can be divided into such categories as ceramics, woodcarving, weaving and embroidery. Let`s consider each of these types in more details.

Ukrainian art is famous for such names like Kateryna Bilokur, Mariya Prymachenko and Ilyia Repin who created amazing works in the traditional and folk styles. However, modern art in Ukraine also has its big stars, whose masterpieces are sold in the best auctions, take part in international biennales and are shown in the leading European galleries. Let`s dive into the magic world of modern Ukrainian art and learn about its most eminent personalities.

The oldest opera house in Ukraine has an incredible history: starting from its construction in the 19th century and immediate fire, to hosting legendary composers like Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, famous singers like Enrico Caruso and talented dancers like Isadora Duncan. Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater has an intriguing story to tell — let’s check it out!

On Thursday 8th March at 7pm, on International Women's Day 2018, Triptych: Global Arts Workshop will present Danish photographer Mathilde Grafström's controversial photography series, THE FEMALE BEAUTY PROJECT.

New collection of enchanting pieces from Ukrainian designer Natalia Kolpakova will be represented in Kyiv on 15th of March 2018. It is the first full composed silk scarves collection presenting in Ukraine.

This spring Taras Shevchenko National Museum will an exhibition of works by Swiss photographer Catherine Gfeller. Inspired by long and winding wanderings and contemporary Ukrainian authors, the exhibition shows Kyiv from a whole new point of view, reflecting its history and identity as a city.

This spring promises to be bountiful in the cinema world: long-awaited action and comedy premieres, spy-movies, Oscar nominees, as well as festival cinema for the most refined connoisseurs — all showing in English. Pick one to your taste!

This spring Misanthrope Theater and Port creative hub present a joint ‘Slipota’ (blindness) project, which explores a new genre for Ukraine - site-specific. Dwellers of Kyiv will have a chance to attend a play based on the Nobel nominee’s novel, performed…in complete darkness. No light, no mobile devices — only the story on the stage.

On February 24, 2018, PinchukArtCentre presented the new exhibition of works by 20 nominees of the 5th PinchukArtCentre Prize. This is a nation-wide prize awarded to young Ukrainian artists aged under 35 years. All works of the exposition were created specifically for that event.

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