The cultural heritage of Ukraine is truly hard to grasp even in one article: from folk traditions and arts to countless literature masterpieces and music pieces, everything is definitely worth detailed attention. In this guide, let’s explore the wonderful fusion of architecture and music — the best opera houses built in Ukraine.

The ancient Opishnia village located in Poltava region is often called the capital of Ukrainian pottery.  That’s why it is not surprising that a celebration of Potter Day quickly grew into a massive festive event gathering potters from all over Ukraine in this small faraway dot on the map. This June, visitors of the festival will witness the process and results of the trade.

Oresteya - the joint project of the theater on Podil and the Mizanthrop Theater based on the ancient myths, the tragedies of Aeschylus and Euripides will be presented in Kyiv by the director of the performance Ilya Moschitsky.

The present series brings together the macrocosm and the microcosm, exploring external and internal topographies of the natural and metaphysical worlds.

In the recent years Ukraine has become a true booming center of contemporary art in Eastern Europe. Various galleries regularly pop up in old buildings, which would otherwise be abandoned for good. For instance, the most well-known and frequently visited art complex in Kyiv Mystetskyi Arsenal is located in an 18th century Old Kyiv-Pechersk fortress. Apart from the grand expos in the capital, small galleries and centers in other Ukrainian cities introduce locals and tourists to the incredible works of contemporary art.

Kiev will celebrate the summer with a large-scale exhibition of Ivan Marchuk, an outstanding Ukrainian artist. A personal exhibition "The Roots" by one of the most famous contemporary Ukrainian artists Ivan Marchuk, whose name is among Britain’s Top 100 living geniuses, opens on May 29 at 19.00 in TSUM (Kiev, Khreshchatyk, 38, 7th floor).

Following the founding of the Kyiv Museum of Sex and a few BDSM bars, the new ‘free’ erotic space S39 has opened recently in the capital. Just like the said spots, S39 is aimed at breaking taboos set in the Ukrainian society, where sex is often considered shameful and impure.

The grand opening of the ‘Amplitude’ group art project will take place on May 18 in FACE Foundation. Contemporary Ukrainian artists will present their inner works of mind via various media, such as painting, graphics, sculpture, video art, and collages. The artists study amplitude of oscillations, ponder on the concepts of eternity, tranquility and harmony in a modern dynamic world.

«Satisfaction Syndrome» | «SS» throws down the gauntlet to contemporary Society, its morals and its humaneness; to Religion, as a way of renouncing old Heroes; to the Informational cannibalism and to fake news, to Virtual consciousness…

Although zoos and playgrounds prove to be one of the most popular variants of children entertainment, sometimes kids are bored even of these interesting activities. Moreover, some kids adore witnessing shows alive, be it a circus performance or plays on the stage. That’s why Destinations gathered top-5 best children’s theatres in Kiev to spend time with family.

Spring brings not only long-awaited heat, but also various festivals. This May, Kyiv Art Week will be held in various cultural spaces and museums of the capital. As always, the program is full of intriguing works by Ukrainian and European artists. Let’s check out the details.

Among numerous attractions like sightseeing and delicious cuisine spots, Kyiv has dozens of unusual museums that are no worse at luring in tourists and locals. One of them is a museum of costume and fashion - Victoria Museum, neatly tucked away in a cozy lane not far from the Arsenalna metro station. The 7 halls hold a vast collection of more than 200 exhibits of Victorian Era — all right in the heart of Kyiv.

In 2018, the famous Ukrainian festival of contemporary art ГОГОЛЬFEST moves south to a small city of Mariupol. While various regions and cities of Ukraine develop their art scene, Kiev has some aces up its sleeve too. The following are 15 of the numerous upcoming art, photo and sculpture exhibitions in Kiev that are a must-visit in 2018.

On April 19, Lavra Kyiv Municipal Gallery hosted a grand opening of the Schweizweit exhibition within CANactions International Architectural Festival. The exhibition was organized by S AM - Swiss Museum of Architecture and its director, Andreas Ruby, gave a lecture reflecting the peculiarities of the Swiss urban space.

Technological progress isn’t merely a thing of IT-technologies. Nowadays, technology and ergonomics concern every area from public transportation to architecture, especially important in promptly evolving urban space. Luckily, such advance doesn’t avoid Ukraine — in March 2018, Odesa witnessed a grand opening of the new transforming concert hall. Let’s check out what it looks like.

There’s hardly a person who has lived in Ukraine and never heard of the ГОГОЛЬFEST — an annual Ukrainian festival of contemporary arts, aimed at establishing communication between artists of various spheres and nations. For 10 years, the festival was based in Kyiv and gathered the art elite and active participants. This spring, ГОГОЛЬFEST changed the concept and moved south — to Mariupol, near the Azov Sea. Let’s take a look.

On April, 14 the jubilee exhibition which is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Museum of Odessa Modern Art was opened at the museum. New exposition examines the artistic heritage of the city, reveals the main stages in the development of contemporary art in Odessa, and captures the creativity of young Odessa artists.

Everyone is welcome to the "Schweizweit" exhibition opening at Lavra Kyiv Municipal Gallery on April 19, 2018. The exhibition is organized within the framework of the 11th CANactions International Architectural Festival.

This April, Kyiv will witness a live embodiment of the famous song ‘Paint It Black’ by The Rolling Stones. The Sergey Makhno Gallery hosts “The Black Black Sea” exhibition, where each object from ceramics to paintings is made in black color. Destinations met with the founder of the gallery and one of the project’s participants, the renowned Ukrainian architect and founder of the first Ukrainian gallery of object design Sergey Makhno, to talk art, Ukrainian culture and black color. 

As told by many fashionistas, ‘black is the new black’. The color has conquered the fashion world long ago, and now it’s time for its revival in art. This April, Sergey Makhno Gallery hosts an exhibition ‘The Black Black Sea’, where each object from ceramics to paintings is made in black color. A duo of architect Sergey Makhno and painter Roman Mykhaylov will take visitors into the delightful world of contemporary art.

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