Jean-Michel Basquiat's 1982 Untitled painting sold for $110.5 million at Sotheby's in New York on Thursday, May 18, 2017 became the sixth most expensive work ever sold at auction. Only 10 other works have broken the $100 million mark before. The sale went down in Sotheby's, New York at the end of spring 2017 bidding season. The art piece was bought by a Japanese e-commerce mogul Yusaku Maezawa.

August in Kyiv might seem to be a bit slow in art events, festivals and concerts after amazingly rich for events June, and July, but still has quite a number of exciting events to offer. «Destinations» narrows down some of the most interesting August art events in Kyiv to attend.

Welcome to exhibition of Sergey Marunich (b. 1993), a young Ukrainian artist, designer, illustrator and brand builder from Ternopil, Western Ukraine, better known as S.M.ART (Sergey Marunych Art).

On August 10th, 2017 Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery will host the opening of "Crazy in Art" personal exhibition of Yekasova Dasha. This collection of art pieces is all about harmoniously playing bright colors, combination of seemingly incongruous tones as well as about feeling the rich emotions of the artist while creating the pictures.

UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group presents in Ukraine "Valerian and a city of a thousand planets" - the most expensive European film from the legendary filmmaker Luc Besson. Specially for Premium clients the bank will organize a pre-premiere show in Kyiv and closed shows in Odesa and Kharkiv.

August being the last month of summer is also the last month of summer movie season, which means things tend to move a little slower regarding movie releases. However, there is still quite a number of exciting films that are coming our way in August 2017. Some look intense, others look like good fun, and all are ready for your hard-earned movie dollar to purchase a ticket and enjoy their wares.

Though almost two years have been left till the animation feature premiere, the first teaser to “Mavka. The Forest Song” had appeared on the screens of Ukrainian cinemas in July 2017. This non-standard approach was conditioned by significant interest of wide audience to the project, which is now in the development stage.

On July 20th, 2017 Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery presents «Inspiration Vernissage», personal exhibition of Ukrainian artist Yana Panyus.

On July 17th, 2017 Odesa Museum of Western and Eastern Art presents a major art exhibition featuring over 150 pieces of art: sculptures, paintings, art installations and crafts from 50 famous artists from 20 countries.

The exhibition of the first part of the ART SEASONS festival will be held at the M17 Center for Contemporary Art in Kyiv from 18 to 25 July 2017.

A retrospective exhibition dedicated to Ivan Aivazovsky, renowned Russian marine artist, has opened at Odesa History Museum to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the artist’s birth, which will be celebrated in 2017. «Azure Sea Shining», the name of the exhibition, will feature various works from many holdings; among them you can see probably the most enchanting and spectacular seascapes inspired by the beautiful vistas of the Black Sea.

On July 20, 2017, IZOLYATSIA presents An Outward Glance: Christopher Makos on Andy Warhol’s Epoch exhibition, by the acclaimed American photographer and lifelong Warhol friend Christopher Makos.

This summer, Kyiv art scene delights us with a plenty of various interesting events. Many talented artists are ready to present their bright works of different genres and styles to the wide audience. Beautiful paintings and installations will definitely become a pleasure for the eye. Let`s take a look at the list of the most exciting art exhibitions of July 2017 in Kyiv.

Summer movie season is heating up, with major crowdpleasers and indie gems offering a major seasonal rush throughout the month. «Destinations» picks five films coming out this month or that are already in the theaters, including Marvel’s new Spider-Man reboot, the last in the Planet of the Apes trilogy and one of the best historical drama in recent years.

Lviv Art Palace is hosting the biggest and most anticipated art project of the year, Show Promise exhibition of the contemporary Ukrainian art by Zenko Foundation. The exhibition’s curators, Ihor Abramovych and Oleksandr Solovyov, will present the works of many Ukrainian most cutting-edge artists. Among the many talents featured in the exhibition are works of such popular artists as Nazar Bilyk, Oleh Voronko, Anatoliy Gankevich, Yulia Kysil, and Alina Kleitman.

June is a month small on releases but big on spectacle, with each week dominated by a major blockbuster. The month kicks off as Wonder Woman establishes herself as the first critical success story for the DC Comics shared universe, before The Mummy seeks to establish another. The Transformers then return for more shrapnel-filled explosions. Here's what you'll be watching in the weeks ahead.

From Ukrainian modernism to the exhibition of the performance artist famous for her honest – and sometimes shocking – artworks, June in the capital of Ukraine offers a wide array of interesting art events to attend.

Lviv Art Museums


Travelers who come to Lviv for the first time can be overwhelmed by the number of museums, art galleries and architectural landmarks. This city is considered to be the cultural capital of Ukraine and it often appears on the avant grade of the local art scene. «Destinations» rounds up the list of Lviv art museums worth visiting. From impressively vast national art gallery to the small indie art spaces, all the art fans will find something interesting for themselves.

Ukrainian company MacPaw has recently opened a unique museum in Kyiv. The owner of the company has decided to contribute to the historical education of users and opened in the Ukrainian capital the Museum of vintage Macs. MacPaw Museum exposition is located in the office of the company. The collection includes 70 items, including 13 iconic computers, such as the Macintosh 128k signed by Steve Wozniak.

On May 30th 2017 Kyiv History Museum invites you to attend Vladyslav Shereshevsky personal exhibition as a part of the «Kyїv art school» project that has been launched earlier this year. Vladyslav Shereshevsky will present his collection of works named «Dorobok 13-17». This artists is a well-known master of humor, grotesque and irony in contemporary visual art.

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