2015 top-10 best Ukrainian art sellers

2015 top-10 best Ukrainian art sellers
Nazar Bilyk, Rain, 2013. The work sold for $ 10,000 on March 5th in New York at Phillips auction.
Anatoly Kryvolap
Viktor Sidorenko,
Ivan Marchuk,
Maxim Mamsikov,
Roman Minin,
Galina Moskvitina
Alexander Zhyvotkov,
Arsen Sawada, No Time to Waste 12,500 £
Viktor Sidorenko, Ultra-C cycle, £ 13.750
Yuri Solomko,
Stepan Ryabchenko, Electronic Notos,3250 £
Anna Kryvolap,
Alexander Zhyvotkov,
Matthew Weisberg,


February 13, 2015 was a special day for Ukrainian art: "Apocalypse in art" photo project of Vitaly Vasilyev and Olena Vasilyeva was brought to the hammer for £ 134,500 ($ 205,785) at Phillips London auction.


The previous record price of $ 186,000 was paid for "Horse. Evening" – the classic painting of Ukrainian contemporary artist Anatoliy Kryvolap. Works of that painter appeared at Ukrainian and foreign auctions also in 2015. Sale of "Blinded horizon" painting on December 1 at Sotheby's for £ 27,500 was the most successful deal.
Works of Ukrainian artists were actively exhibited and sold throughout the year on foreign auctions and it was good time for young Ukrainian artists. Roman Minin’s works had special demand and were exhibited at Phillips and Sotheby's. In March 2015 "Rain" sculpture of Nazar Bilyk was brought to the hummer for $10 000 at New York Philips sales. Stepan Ryabchenko for the first time appeared at international sales in 2015: his "Electronic Notos" was sold for £ 3,250 in December at Phillips auction while it was estimated at £ 2000-3000. "The demand for the works of young artists is growing - says art dealer Igor Abramovich. - This happens due to the fact that their works are interesting and different while the prices are relatively low."

A lot of auctions were organized by "Golden Section", "Ducat", "Korners", "Antique-Center" and ACG auction houses from September to December 2015. They sell contemporary art and classics. "The experience of "Ducat" auction house which deals with antiques and contemporary art shows that the proportion of revenue during the last couple of years has been growing. Now it is almost a third part"- says the co-owner of "Dukat" auction house Leonid Komskyy. The segment of post-war Soviet art of Socialist Realism works is sold at lower prices now.

According to Forbs Ukraine 2015 top-10 best Ukrainian sellers are as follows:
Vitaliy and Olena Vasilyevy, “Apocalypse in art”
Anatoly Kryvolap, "Blinded horizon"
Viktor Sidorenko, “Ultra-C” cycle
Arsen Sawada, “No Time to Waste”
Viktor Sidorenko, "Levitation" series
Oleksandr Zhyvotkov, "Wind"
Yuriy Solomko, "London G8»
Oleksandr Zhyvotkov, "North East"
Halyna Moskvitina, “Sparkle” series
Roman Minin, "Donetsk Metro Generator"

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