February 8, 2018 marks the beginning of the '50 shades of Viktor Zaretskyi' exhibition at the Museum of History of Kyiv. Visitors will have a unique opportunity to see the works of the Ukrainian artist, often compared to Picasso due to his original style. Most of the paintings are exhibited for the public eye for the first time, but have been appreciated my many critics already.

End of January is marked with an interesting art event: on the 31st of January, "Zolotoye Sechenie" auction house will host an exhibition of colorful and contrast works of Mykhailo Deiak. Visitors will be able to witness works from the private collection of the auction house co-founder Mikhailo Vasylenko.

Ukraine’s popularity is currently growing on an international cinematography scene. The country is making interesting, provocative, spectacular movies that are slowly but steadily wining audience’s attention in many countries. We round up the list of Ukrainian movies that have already received many positive reviews from popular movie critics worldwide as well as took part in various film festivals and biennales. This list will give you the idea about modern Ukrainian cinematography.

Triptych Gallery opens the new season with the debut exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian painter Anton Popernyak. A native of Luhansk, and a graduate of the Kyiv National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture, Anton's canvases bring a contemporary edge to the Old Masters.

A growing number of Ukrainian musicians considers Europe and America as the target market. The number of groups, whose tour schedules include not only Ukrainian cities, is constantly growing. «Destinations» gathered a list of Ukrainian bands who have made a big international break-through in recent years.

Last year was bountiful with various art events: the loud opening of Kyiv Podil Theatre, GogolFest traditional artists meet-up, long-awaited Kyiv Biennale and many others. The art spaces that host these events usually are true veterans of Kyiv cultural scene, dating back to mid-decade or start of the millennium. However, 2017 presented new players in the game. Check out these new places to keep an eye on this year.

For those who seek art in every corner and cherish it dearly, TSUM Department Store hosts "Triangle" - an exhibition of modern art dedicated to the third anniversary of the Sky Art Foundation.

Among the names of Van Gogh, Cézanne and Dali hide the lesser known but just as talented painters, valued by art critics and ardently searched for private art collections. Ukraine is full of those, too, and the 20th century brought out talents, some of which were rightfully recognized only years later. One of these artists will surprise you as you have seen and know her works very well.

Sky Art Foundation presents a new project called «Art For...». It’s about organizing temporary and permanent exhibitions at the offices of Ukrainian companies. Project’s goal is to popularize Ukrainian art in business circles, as well as the introduction of world practice into Ukrainian realities – decoration of offices with art objects.

Holidays are definitely a good time to improve our cultural level while enjoying beautiful pieces of art. This January, Kyiv museums and galleries offer several interesting events dedicated to New Year and Christmas holidays. Let`s check out thematic New Year art exhibitions in Kyiv, where we can please our eyes with amazing art objects related to the merry period of winter celebrations.

Ukrainian modern art is currently experiencing some sort of international hype, which many art critics consider quite understandable. Straddling the tumultuous political epochs of Communism and post-Communism and wrapped up in the artistic narratives of Russian futurism, Socialist realism and the European avant-garde, Ukrainian contemporary artists look very intriguing and attractive to international collectors and art lovers. «Destinations» rounds up Top 7 Ukrainian artists, whose works will help you discover what contemporary art in Ukraine is all about these days.

Currently, the Ukrainian literature is reinventing itself due to the declaration of independence and lifting of the censorship that took place in the Soviet Union. Most contemporary mainstream literary works in Ukrainian literature lie within the postmodernism dimension. The voice of the contemporary Ukrainian is the voice of the Ukrainian nation striving for freedom and recognition. 

Find out what's on in Kyiv's top museums and galleries. Explore Ukrainian capital’s buzzing arts scene, which is jam-packed with museum and gallery exhibitions at the end of 2017. From exhibitions of well known artists to quirky art shows, you'll find at least one interesting art event to attend in Kyiv by the end of the year.

Christmas films are seldom critically acclaimed for Oscar winners - but with cartoon reindeers and real-life elves, they are always blooming good fun for all of the family. Whether your idea of a yo-ho-ho hit is a black and white classic or a wise-cracking animation, there is something for everyone in out Top 7 Christmas movies list.

In this cold winter, lovers of theatre art in many cities of Ukraine may expect a real Christmas miracle to happen. The name of the upcoming miracle is “The Nutcracker” – the famous ballet of Piotr Tchaikovsky directed by the leading modern choreographer Radu Poklitaru, the Head of Kyiv Modern-Ballet Theatre.

It`s very cold outside, but it does not mean that we should stop having fun! For example, going to the cinema is one of the best entertainment options for a freezing winter day. Definitely, cold December is the right time to watch the freshest movies, enjoying exciting stories and amazing visual effects. Relax in a comfortable chair and eat some popcorn, getting ready for the best December 2017 movie premiers.

Since the old times Ukrainians are well known for their deep love to expressing feelings and emotions through music. Ukraine gave birth to many talented singers and musicians, who are highly appreciated and famous not only in their homeland, but also abroad. Check out the names and biographies of the best singers in Ukraine, whose melodious voices and bright performances have won hearts of thousands music fans in Ukraine and foreign countries.

«TEO», unique to Ukraine underground theater, was recently opened in Odesa. «Euphegenia, Apotheosis» (after tragedies by Euripides) directed by Dmytro Kostyumins’ky was the first play to be staged in this theater. This play premier was very successful on GOGOL’ FEST last year. However, the play was fully re-staged to suit the theater’s peculiarities location-wise.

Late fall and winter is a great time to attend various art galleries and museums in Ukraine. Interesting Ukrainian and international artists and new art venues - the end of the year brings many art events to Lviv.

Ukrainians are talented at many forms of art, and classic music is not an exception. Ukraine is a homeland for lots of gifted artists, famous both in their native land and abroad. Performing the most eminent compositions of classic music on the best scenes of the world, Ukrainian musicians, composers, orchestra conductors and opera singers have gained love and recognition of numerous music enthusiasts. Let`s dive into the magic world of music for a while and read biographies of the best classic musicians in Ukraine.

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