Stepan Ryabchenko / The Ark
On October 13, 2016, the capital of Hungary will host Art Market Budapest. It defines contemporary cultural interests, enabling the artists and galleries from around the world to demonstrate their search and new approach to the visual art. Stepan Ryabchenko represents Ukraine at the Art Market Budapest.

Photo M17 Interior Art Exhibition
"Interior Art" exhibition is expected to be the main event of the autumn art season of the capital.  It will be officially opened on October 27, 2016 at M-17 Center of Contemporary Art.

Maksym Mamsykov "Sea"
«M17» Contemporary Art Center will host the commercial auction of classical, underground and contemporary art pieces on October 12th, 2016. The «Classic Underground Contemporary» auction is organized by «Golden Ratio» auction house.

Photo: Sky Art Foundation 
Sky Art Foundation in Kyiv is hosting the exhibition of Sergiy Bozhko «The Feel of the City» («Vidchuttya Mista»). Experience artist’s impressions of Ukrainian urban life that he expresses in his works.

Her works are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, France, England and Poland. In her works Cristina Kirilina uses different techniques: oil painting, fresco, mosaic, sculpture reliefs, sgraffito.

Photo: British Council Facebook Page
«Taking the Stage» is an annual theatre festival that offers Ukrainian theaters and indie theater troops an opportunity to stage the best of contemporary UK drama in Ukraine.

Andrey Sheptytskiy National Museum in Lviv will host the «Museum Collection» exhibition of Ukraine’s top artist, the creator of Ukrainian new wave landscape - Anatoliy Kryvolap. The exhibition is a part of a major artistic «UKRAINE.THE BEST» project.

Photo: «Cultural Diplomacy and Contemporary Art» Facebook Event Page
America House in Ukraine invites to a discussion «Cultural Diplomacy and Contemporary Art» in order to reveal the role of cultural diplomacy for creating international image of Ukraine.

Photo: T-GAW Facebook page
Kiev is an indisputable cultural center of Ukraine. It boasts a plenty of art galleries that are of an exceptional cultural and historical value. Treasuries of national art represent thoroughly and comprehensively the rich culture of Ukraine from the old days to the recent past and present. Triptych: Global Arts Workshop (T-GAW) is a pioneer and a leader of contemporary art gallery scene of Kyiv.

Autumn brings us not only new business season and rainy weather, but also many creative and artistic premiers. The richest on new things to offer is the world of cinematography. Check out the most anticipated September 2016 movie premiers!

Photo: KZ Art Room Facebook Page
On September the 1st «KZ ART ROOM» gallery invites everyone to the opening of "Synthesis of sensations” solo exhibition of paintings by Vladimir Podlevskikh. It will showcase paintings, written in the last six months.

Photo: Frédéric Beigbeder Facebook Page
Celebrated writer and free-spirited intellectual Frédéric Beigbeder will be visiting Lviv in September during International Publishers’ Forum in Lviv. There will be a book signing session and a lecture on contemporary literature by one of the most charismatic European writers.

This is the fourth year when "Israeli Film Week" takes place in Ukraine, organized by the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine and "Molodist” (Youth) Kyiv International Film Festival.

Westerns are the most all-American of film genres, filled with he-men and black hats. From golden age classics to hard-hitting revisionist dramas, The Week of the Wild Wild West Movies in Lviv at Copernicus Cinema will make you yearn for the days when men were men, women wore bonnets and guns were the only law…

Photo: The Week of Contemporary Art in Lviv Facebook Page
The Week of Contemporary Art in Lviv is a major contemporary-art event of the Ukrainian art scene. It is a meeting platform for artists of different countries, regions, cultures and generations.

Recently Pinchuk Art Center introduced Art Library Reading Room for all those interested in art and willing to learn more about it.

Photo: Sky Art Foundation
TseGlyna (Brick), the festival of Contemporary Ceramics in Kiev supported by the charity fund Sky Art Foundation, will take place in the new art space ‘TseGlynaArt’ from August 12, 2016 until August 24, 2016.

Vladyslav Yerko’s works are truly unusual and exceptionally beautiful. They create a genuine fairy-tale atmosphere and transfer the reader into the magical world away from everyday dull life.

Cinema under the starry sky is a highlight in every summer. The second Independence Film Night will happen in Kiev on August 13, 2016 and will offer to its visitors a unique movie-going experience.

Photo: Shutterstock
Recently formed experimental Wild Theater goes on with the study of human sexuality. Its next performance in Kiev will be honest, sometimes painful. ‘Hit/Love’ performance will be shown in Kiev on August 12, 2016.

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