«Destinations» rounds up the most interesting art exhibitions to attend in Kyiv in April, 2017. From Ukrainian modernism to exhibitions of the most talented young artists from around the world, April in the capital of Ukraine offers a wide array of interesting art events to attend.

Lviv National Art Gallery hosts a unique exhibition showcasing the captures and items of the lost interiors of the Pidhoretsky Castle, located in Lviv Region. The castle was famous for its lavish interior design and the collection of art it used to house. Sadly, the castle was stripped to bare walls during WW2, with many items shipped to nazi Germany and later to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Over 60 walls have been decorated with impressive murals in recent years by international street artists and many more are announced to be painted in 2017. Mural fever has arrived to Kyiv and is here to stay. In order to keep track of all the interesting pieces of street art in Ukraine’s capital Roman Sosnovsky, young IT developer from Kyiv, has created a special mobile application that shows over 100 existing murals.

Here are the winning photos of the 6th Annual Mobile Photography Awards. Giles Clarke of New York was named by members of the jury the winner of the Grand Prize 2016 MPA Photographer of the year. To view complete list of winners and honorable mentions visit MPA website.

«Destinations» rounds up the most interesting art exhibitions to attend in Kyiv this spring. From Ukrainian classicism to exhibitions of the most popular contemporary artists, March in the capital of Ukraine offers a wide array of interesting art events to attend.

Taking the Stage is an annual theatre program that offers Ukrainian theaters and emerging directors an opportunity to stage the best of contemporary UK drama in Ukraine. Recently four winners have been announced and they will have an opportunity to stage their productions in Ukrainian theaters.  

Photo: Pinchuk Art Center
With such vast wealth of public galleries, creative events, and white spaces, no selection of the top five art galleries in Kyiv can be comprehensive. However, «Destinations» narrowed down some better-known exhibition spaces as well as pioneering galleries totally worth visiting.

Mystetskyi Arsenal Kyiv art space hosts the News Museum project dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Television News Service (known as TSN), one of the most popular news program in Ukraine. The exhibition showcases over 100 unique items, which played a significant role in the history of Ukraine.

Museum of Western and Oriental Art in Kyiv, also known as the Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko Museum of Art will celebrate the arrival of spring with «Floral Kingdom», the most beautiful art exhibition of the year.

Kyiv has a thriving theatrical scene with a wide variety of theaters and music halls. Savor live music, just the way you like it, with our complete guide to the city's best music venues.

Mystetskyi Arsenal, one of the most important Kyiv Art Spaces, will start its new exhibition season with presenting series of works by Oleksandr Gnylytsky, Ukrainian artist who has a very strong influence on forming contemporary Ukrainian art scene.

Ivan Pinzel (Johann Georg Pinsel), the mysterious sculptor of the eighteenth century who lived and worked in western Ukraine, is often referred to as Ukrainian Michelangelo no less. Artworks of this Ukrainian baroque-rococo sculptor who produced most of his works in the first half of the 18th century, have been exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris last year and awed many Europeans with its refined artistry.

Soviet Mosaic in Ukraine is a project by IZOLYATSIA fund dedicated to study and catalogue mosaics of the Soviet period in Ukraine: their location, status, and history of the authors. Large mosaics on the soviet-era buildings is very peculiar and interesting form of art that soon can be extinct.

The British Council in Ukraine is launching its 2017 arts program with The Vanity of Small Differences, an exhibition by one of the most high-profile contemporary British artists, Grayson Perry, which will run from 16 February to 22 March in IZOLYATSIA platform, Kyiv. The event also marks the start of the British Council’s 25th anniversary celebrations of its work in Ukraine.

Lviv Ethnographical Museum hosts one of the most anticipated and interesting art exhibitions of the year, Alphonse Mucha Poster Collection. The exhibition showcases some of Mucha’s best known posters created in art nouveau style during his stay in Paris.

The distance between Ukraine and Australia is about 13000 km but thanks to the efforts of the Australian Embassy in Ukraine and Triptych: Global Arts Workshop it gets less through such cultural events like ‘OLD MASTERS – Australia’s Great Bark Artists’ Exhibition.

A traveler who arrives to Kyiv for the first time might be overwhelmed with the number of museums and art galleries in the capital of Ukraine. Let «Destinations» point you in the direction of the finest art museums and galleries to visit in Kyiv.

The Year of Japan in Ukraine starts from «The World of Kabuki», an elegant and exquisite art exhibition . Ukrainian National Art Museum and the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine present unique part of the world art heritage, the authentic Japanese Prints of Kabuki Theater.

National History Museum in Kyiv invites to attend «Maidan, More Than Life and Death» photo exhibition by British photographer Joe M O’Brien, who worked in Kyiv during Euromaidan civil unrest in 2014.

Director Martin Scorsese has produced some of the most memorable films in cinema history, including the iconic Taxi Driver and The Departed, Academy Award-winner. Copernicus Movie Theater in Lviv invites all cinephiles to attend Martin Scorsese Movie Festival and enjoy the best works of this iconic American director.

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