A-Gallery Multimedia Gallery in Kyiv

A-Gallery Multimedia Gallery in Kyiv

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A-Gallery is an ultra modern exhibition space with the total area of 1400 square meters. The walls of the multimedia gallery are an interactive screens with the total length of 200 meters. A well equipped tech center masterfully combines the sound with the visual content shown on the interactive screens. A-Sense projector system guarantees that all the visitors will enjoy vibrant and bright colors of all the visual content exhibited at the gallery.

A-Gallery aims at awing its guests of all ages and interests. Here the modern European style exhibition space meets modern technologies. At the A-Gallery all the guests are not just silent observers of the exhibition but can participate and interact with it.

A-Gallery is able to make art pieces alive and interactive. Numerous guests have already attended «Impressionism», «Renaissance: the era of geniuses», «Avantgarde: the area of colors and forms» exhibitions at the A-Gallery. The gallery’s walls present an impressive art-show. Digital projections of famous art pieces become live with the help of 3D visualizations and masterfully picked sound themes.
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In the nearest future A-Gallery is planning on hosting world’s most popular interactive exhibitions such as «Harry Potter», «Van Gogh», «Star Wars», «Star Track» and many other. The 40-45 minute show reveals art treasures of the leading international museums. Interactive exhibitions showcase stylistic peculiarities of the different art movements and epochs. The trivia information and key facts regarding the exhibition are projected on the columns and also can be found in the leaflets presented at the entrance.

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Visitors can enjoy art pieces showcased at the gallery standing in front of them or sitting down on comfy sofas in the middle of the exhibition area, different angles enable to observe art from a unique perspectives. The floor of the gallery is polished glossy dark surface which reflects the art pieces like dark water creating even more intriguing effect.

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The detailed schedule of the exhibitions at the A-Gallery can be found at the Facebook page of the gallery. Address: 37, Zabolotnyy Academic street, Kyiv. Shopping Center «ART Mall», second floor.
Photo source: A-Gallery Facebook page. 


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