Andrey Tsoy «Fetish» Art Exhibition in Kyiv

Andrey Tsoy «Fetish» Art Exhibition in Kyiv

Photo: Andrey Tsoy
Art Gallery Nebo invites to attend Andriy Tsoy «Fetish» exhibition. Andriy Tsoy is one of the best representatives of Ukrainian contemporary art.

According to the artist’s vision, fetish penetrates all spheres of our lives. Fetishism is among core roots of art and can easily be traced in all its forms and manifestations. In his works Andriy Tsoy reveals the connection between art and fetishism, ciphers the idea of duality of this notion and how every individual has a fetish of his/her own.


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The artist aims at combining the inner and outer comprehension of the fetish in contemporary world and how it influences human subconsciousness. The painting technique, which is used by Andriy Tsoy is very unusual. He uses golden stamping, which shows artist’s idea of symbolic reflections on the idea of fetishism in contemporary world.


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The exhibition will be held at Nebo art Gallery (14, Dragomyrova street, Kyiv, Novopecherski Lypky Complex) from December 1st till December 25th, 2016.

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