Autumn Art Exhibitions in Kyiv 2017

Autumn Art Exhibitions in Kyiv 2017

Autumn season, with its special romantic atmosphere of cold blue sky and golden leaves, wakens a wish for something inspiring and spiritual in our souls. This is the time for enjoying beauty in all its forms, including, of course, the beauty of art. Those who feel urgent need to see something beautiful are welcome to satisfy their desire at autumn art exhibitions in Kyiv 2017.

Festival of young Ukrainian painters
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The festival of young Ukrainian painters was originally established by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. In 2017, the event is also supported by Mystetskiy Arsenal culture and art museum complex and National Art Museum of Ukraine. The program of 2017 festival will consist of young Ukrainian painters` works, chosen by festival supervisors by means of competitive selection. The painters, who are allowed take part in the selection, must be under 35 years old and present an art work related to the “Today which has never come”topic, offered by supervisors.
When: September 28 - October 29
Where: 12, Lavrska street, Mystetskiy Arsenal
Price: TBD
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Gogolfest art festival was established in 2007 by Vladislav Troyitsky, the director of “Dakh” modern art center. The main idea of the festival is to unite all genres of high art under the same roof. The program of Gogolfest traditionally includes everything from literature and poetry and to theatre and circus. This year, Gogolfest is going to be held at two locations: National Expocenter of Ukraine and O. Dovzhenko National Center. The guests will be offered various art exhibitions, performances, experimental theatre of Ukraine and other countries, choreography acts, performances of academic music bands, literary soiree and many other.
When: September 7 - 17
Where: 1, Vasylkivska street, O. Dovzhenko National Center; 1, Glushkova avenue, National Expocenter of Ukraine
Price: UAH 190-750
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Ambassador painters. Ukrainian Australiana

“Ambassador painters. Ukrainian Australiana” exhibition is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relationship between Ukraine and Australia and to the 70th anniversary of immigration of the first Ukrainians to Australia. More than 60 paintings and graphic art objects from Kyiv Museum of Ukrainian Diaspora collection and Berezhabsky Museum of Regional Studies collection, created by Ukrainian-Australian painters, are exhibited in Ukraine for the first time. The exhibition includes paintings of such artists as Volodymyr Savchak, Tymofiy Messak, Petro Kravchenko, Stepan Khvylia, Leonid Denysenko and Svitlana Soldatova.
When: June 21 - September 24
Where: 40b, Moskovska street, Ukrainian Diaspora Museum
Price: UAH 25
“Entrance to Our Valley” photo exhibition by Zhenia Fridlyand

New York photographer Zhenia Fridlyand presents her “Entrance to Our Valley” personal project in Sherbenko Art Center space. The exhibition consists of black and white pictures, which are the part of similarly named album book. This book had a great success at
Los Angeles Art Book Fair 2017. This photo series describes farmer life of USSR immigrants in America, who keep living city life. The pictures express feelings of a person who has to change the conditions of his/her lifestyle completely, but still dreams about happyness.
When: August 8 - September 29
Where: 22v, Mykhaylivska street, Sherbenko Art Center
Price: NA
Modna Lyalka XV

The guests of the Modna Lyalka (“Fashion Doll”) exhibition will have a great opportunity to dive into the magic world of doll art, to meet professional dollmakers and to buy beautiful unique dolls. Ukrainian and foreign masters will present an impressing exposition of authorial dolls as well as soft toys and Teddy bears. Besides, the exhibition will include several large thematic projects, created by common efforts of masters.
When: October 20 - 22
Where: 15, Brovarsky avenue, International Exhibition center
Price: TBD
Delight your eyes and soul with sophisticated beauty at autumn art exhibitions in Kyiv 2017.
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