Autumn Art Exhibitions in Odesa 2017

Autumn Art Exhibitions in Odesa 2017

Odesa is mostly known as a capital of sea holidays and bright night parties, but not as a Mecca of art. However, Odesa art scene can surely offer plenty of interesting events. Let`s consider which autumn art exhibitions in Odesa 2017 are worth visiting.

Odesa Biennale of Contemporary Art
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Odesa Biennale will traditionally open the celebration program of the City Day. This art forum, established by Museum of Odesa Modern Art (Semen Kantor, director of the Museum, is the main organizer of Biennale), is the only event in Ukraine in the field of visual art, which is held in biennale format. The main subject of V Odesa Biennale is called “Turbulence zone”. This topic attracted many Ukrainian and foreign artists, who sent more than 500 applications for participation in the forum. The project supervisors have already selected more than 50 art objects from different countries, so this year`s Odesa Biennale of Contemporary Art is going to delight guests with diverse and multicultural exhibition.
Where: 5, Belinskogo street (Museum of Odesa Modern Art) and other locations in Odesa
When: 26 August- 30 September
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Genre painting of the second half of ХIХ century from Odesa Art Museum collections

Odesa Art Museum has recently presented an exposition consisting of more than 40 paintings of the second half of XIX century from Museum`s collection. This exhibition visually describes an important part of national history, i.e. the special aspects of daily routine, family relations, behavior of a person in casual conditions. Such exhibition is presented in Odesa Art Museum for the first time. The exposition presents works of more than 30 authors, including famous painters such as V. Makovsky, L. Pasternak, E. Bukovetsky and P. Nilus as well as less-known artists.
Where: 5a, Sofiyevska street, Odesa Art Museum
When: 2 August-2 October
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Odesa in old pictures

The exposition of old Odesa pictures will open on 2 September, occasioned with the City Day. This is going to be a large exhibition, embracing three halls on the first floor of the Museum. Recently, the organizers of the exhibition have asked Odesa dwellers to explore their family albums and archives in order to find unique photos of old Odesa. The organizers are especially interested in pictures of monuments, architectural elements, fountains and other worthy details, which don`t exist in modern Odesa anymore. 400 pictures have been already selected, and the work is still in progress.
Where: 9, Pushkinska street, Odesa Museum of West and East Art
When: 2 September-TBD
New York collection of Yuri Gorbachev
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“Muse” gallery presents the new works of Yuri Gorbachev, a famous painter from Odesa, who currently lives and works in the USA. Yuri is one of the brightest and the most authentic painters, who have immigrated to America from USSR. During 40 years of his work, Yuri Gorbachev has created his own unique painting technique: he uses gold, bronze, special enamels, and does not use any black color. His paintings are included into collections of more than 20 prestigious museums, such as Louvre, Russian Museum (Saint Petersburg), UNO Museum in New York, National Museum of Ukraine (Kyiv) as well as into private collections of many famous people.
Where: 19, Yevreyska street, “Muse” gallery
When: 10 August-10 September
Enjoy impressive masterpieces at autumn art exhibitions in Odesa 2017.
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