Exhibition of Alex Lerman paintings

Exhibition of Alex Lerman paintings

Alex Lerman is a royal painter and a heir of such famous and talented artists like Zoe Lerman and Yuri Lutskevich.

The artist grew up in an artistic dynasty and went to art school, then entered the Art Institute (now the Academy of Fine Arts) in the workshop of Nicholas Storozhenko and Vilen Chekanyuk. In 1985 he graduated from the academy and began to create as an artist with his "Soviart" and "Paris Commune" works.
Alex Lerman wrote a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II. The portrait was bought by the British Embassy in Kiev and unveiled in the yard of the residence during the celebration of "Queen's Birthday Party".
Edward Kalivoshko, co-founder of K & Z ART ROOM: «Paintings of the talented artist Alexander Lerman are kept in private and public collections, not only in Ukraine but also abroad. And we are sincerely happy that soon his works will be presented in our gallery. It is a great honor for us".

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Also, the artist wrote a portrait of "Her Majesty the Queen Margaret of Denmark" by an order of Ambassador Christian Faber-Rod. During the exhibition at the embassy, the painting "Queen on the background of shrubs" was bought by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Mr. Uffe Ellemann-Jensen.
Julia Zlenko, co-founder of K & Z ART ROOM: «As an artist is inspired by landscapes, so I am inspired by his works. They cause incredible emotions! And I want to give an opportunity to the maximum number of people to see the paintings, and then these will not be just words. Come, and you will understand what I mean."
Where: K & Z ART ROOM, 22, Str. Honchara, Kyiv
When: 17 March - 3 April 2016, 09.00 -20.00 (weekdays), 10.00-21: 00 (weekends),
Entrance: FREE

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