This year, Austria Cultural Forum presents a unique opportunity to witness the works of the renown artist Gustav Klimt in Ukraine. 

February 8, 2018 marks the beginning of the '50 shades of Viktor Zaretskyi' exhibition at the Museum of History of Kyiv. Visitors will have a unique opportunity to see the works of the Ukrainian artist, often compared to Picasso due to his original style. Most of the paintings are exhibited for the public eye for the first time, but have been appreciated my many critics already.

End of January is marked with an interesting art event: on the 31st of January, "Zolotoye Sechenie" auction house will host an exhibition of colorful and contrast works of Mykhailo Deiak. Visitors will be able to witness works from the private collection of the auction house co-founder Mikhailo Vasylenko.

Triptych Gallery opens the new season with the debut exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian painter Anton Popernyak. A native of Luhansk, and a graduate of the Kyiv National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture, Anton's canvases bring a contemporary edge to the Old Masters.

For those who seek art in every corner and cherish it dearly, TSUM Department Store hosts "Triangle" - an exhibition of modern art dedicated to the third anniversary of the Sky Art Foundation.

Holidays are definitely a good time to improve our cultural level while enjoying beautiful pieces of art. This January, Kyiv museums and galleries offer several interesting events dedicated to New Year and Christmas holidays. Let`s check out thematic New Year art exhibitions in Kyiv, where we can please our eyes with amazing art objects related to the merry period of winter celebrations.

Find out what's on in Kyiv's top museums and galleries. Explore Ukrainian capital’s buzzing arts scene, which is jam-packed with museum and gallery exhibitions at the end of 2017. From exhibitions of well known artists to quirky art shows, you'll find at least one interesting art event to attend in Kyiv by the end of the year.

Late fall and winter is a great time to attend various art galleries and museums in Ukraine. Interesting Ukrainian and international artists and new art venues - the end of the year brings many art events to Lviv.

MUSA International Art Space is glad to present We Contemporary 2017 Special Edition – the third issue of annual catalogue of modern art from all-around the world. 300 pages of the catalogue contain works of 100 artists from 50 countries.

From October 25 to November 15, 2017 Contemporary Architecture Photography exhibition by Ubik Lilvin will be held in the art-space of the metropolitan TSUM. About 20 monochrome photos and video installations will be presented.

October 20 at 19:00 Nebo Art Gallery invites to the opening of "Water" exhibition by Czech artist Olga Yakubovskaya. The project will be presented within the official program of the Year of Japan in Ukraine.  During the opening event the guests can participate in the tea ceremony organized by "MICHI" Center for Oriental Culture.

New exhibition space "Art TSUM", located on the 7th floor of the Kyiv Central Department Store TSUM, invites to attend the Ukrainian digital art project "PETLUK | RYABCHENKO | SAI’. It showcases the works of leading Ukrainian media artists - Sergiy Petlyuk, Stepan Ryabchenko and Alexei Sai.

SPACES is a group exhibition of recent contemporary art from Ukraine presented by independent art manager Kateryna Ivanova in Geneva Old Town/Galerie La Cave. It brings together six contemporary artists who explore the relationship between man and environment. Through experiments with form of physical objects and spatial illusions, they challenge one’s ability to feel the world around. To sense what it’s like to be in a specific space and to experience the space within oneself – this is what the artists offer a spectator within the SPACES project.

The University of Essex marks the centenary of the Russian Revolution with an exhibition that explores the rise and fall of the cult of Vladimir Lenin. From the exhilaration of the early Soviet years, to the systematic imposition of a personality cult that was used to enforce the will of the Communist Party, FALLEN documents the inglorious fate of the Soviet Union’s deification of Lenin.

Leaving behind mundane thinks and immerse into atmosphere where art speaks out is always a good idea. Art museums in Kyiv demonstrate valuable collections of masterpieces from homeland and from other countries to take you back into the centuries and return recreated and inspired.

«Destinations» rounds up the most interesting art exhibitions to attend in Ivano Frankivsk in September, 2017. Interesting Ukrainian artists and new art venues - September brings the great start of the fall art season to Frankivsk.

On September 23-24, 2017, Pautina (“Spiderweb”) land art festival will be held near Odesa. Land art, also known as Earth art, is an art movement based on usage of real natural landscapes as the main art material and object. During Pautina-2017 festival, 25 Ukrainian artists are going to present their installations created using diverse techniques. The open-air exhibition will take place on the picturesque coast of Kuyalnik estuary only 5 km away from Odesa.

The project “UDLAENGSEL: Journeys of Corneliu Cazacu” (06.09-20.09.2017) is the confluence of several series which each could have been the subject of an individual exhibition. The title is taken from the Danish word which conveys the ‘passion for travelling’ or Wanderlust (German), a condition which has taken the photographer to the furthest parts of the world in a quest for documenting the magical moments of both natural and human life.

Every year thousands of people arrive to the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, in the United States, to become part of the magnificent Burning Man art event. The iconic festival ended last Monday, leaving a lot of fun memories and phantasmagorical photos of the participants and art of Burning Man 2017.

Early fall is a great time to attend various festivals in Ukraine. The festival calendar ramps up after the summer music festivals, but the days are still long and the evenings light. Explore our picks for the best September 2017 festivals and art events to catch.

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