An Art Diplomacy Project by Luc Chenier in Kyiv

An Art Diplomacy Project by Luc Chenier in Kyiv

Photo: T-GAW gallery
An Art Diplomacy Project by Luc Chenier unites Ukraine's national colours of blue and yellow with the world. A project 3 years in the making will be exhibited for 4 days only at Ukraine's premier fine Triptych Global Arts Workshop (T-GAW) art gallery.

Luc Chenier's textured canvasses are an innovative demonstration of unity
engaging Ukraine’s blue and yellow colors to reinvent great international flags.
“I want to show how connected Ukraine truly is to so many nations across the world, and how much it contributes, not just through its diaspora, but through a myriad economic, cultural, and political ways,” said the artist. Luc Chenier is a Canadian citizen and long-term resident and deep compatriot of Ukraine.
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Photo: T-GAW gallery
Luc Chenier is the Founder of TITANIUM Presentations, the agency behind the much-publicized «UKRAINE OPEN FOR U» video, which garnered several million views online and is still widely used by Ukraine to promote itself on trade and cultural missions.He is currently the CEO of Kyiv Post. Luc is a Canadian citizen who has spent most of the last 20 years living in Kyiv. Born in Alexandria, Canada, Chénier studied graphic design in St. Lawrence College in Ontario. Alongside his extensive experience in advertising, marketing, and public relations, painting has been his longstanding creative pursuit.

The UNITED exhibition will consist of 12 nations in total and is supported by several embassies such as Canada, Australia, Lithuania, Great Britain, Turkey, Germany, and many others. Part of the sale proceeds will be donated to a local charity of the artists choice which support Ukraine.
The exhibition is planned to continue later this year in Toronto, Canada, Chicago and New York, USA, as well as other cities in Europe yet to be confirmed.
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Photo: T-GAW gallery
Here in Kyiv, the exhibition runs from October 20th-23rd 2016 and will be hosted by T-GAW. Triptych Global Arts Workshop (T-GAW) is a leading European art gallery founded in 1988, situated in the very heart of Kiev’s famous St Andrew’s Descent. In September 2014, the gallery was rebranded under the direction of owner and managing director Myroslava Hartmond, Research Associate of the Centre for International Studies, University of Oxford.

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