International Festival of Abstract Art in Kyiv

International Festival of Abstract Art in Kyiv

Pavlovka Art Gallery presents works of Ukrainian and international contemporary artists at the 220 ABSTRACT Art Fest 2017 opened on June 23rd 2017 in Kyiv. The exposition will be changing several times during the festival period. In two weeks guests of the abstract art festival in Kyiv will have a chance to discover over 30 artists.

Art has a mighty power and is something more than just a reflection of the reality. The other world is hiding behind real objects. It’s quite different dimension of things. The Spanish philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset once compared a work of art to a window through which life can be seen without the need to account for the structure, transparency and color of the windowpane. Nowadays, most artists would argue that quite the reverse is true. With cameras available to record the view behind the windowpane, the artist must concentrate on making his window preeminent. In fact, the 20th century has witnessed the development of a genre that consists of windows seen through other windows: in other words, works of art… 220 ABSTRACT Art Fest 2017 invites all the art enthusiasts to witness these unique «windows» of art, to abstract themselves from everyday routine life and worries, to discover hidden worlds behind ordinary objects that surround us.
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Nataliya Karpenko, Anastasia Ivanova, Dariya Zasyedna, Zhe Selezniova, Vlad Chenchin, Tetyana Fadeeva, Dmytro Tubelets, Anzhela Nadezhda, Astian Rey, Anna Dehtyarova, Karen Ford, Serhiy Charushyn, Julie, Tetyana Samokhina, Maryna Herasymenko, Vyacheslav Malyna, Olga Gurina, Yevgeny Korshunov, Lesya shapovalova, Anatoliy Shunkariov, Olga Hurina, Olga Svetnik, Veronika Yadykha and many others are among the artists, who will present their works at 220 ABSTRACT Art Fest 2017.

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International Festival of Abstract Art takes place in Kyiv at Pavlovka Art Gallery (34A, Petropavlivska street) and will last till July 6th, 2017.
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