In the recent years Ukraine has become a true booming center of contemporary art in Eastern Europe. Various galleries regularly pop up in old buildings, which would otherwise be abandoned for good. For instance, the most well-known and frequently visited art complex in Kyiv Mystetskyi Arsenal is located in an 18th century Old Kyiv-Pechersk fortress. Apart from the grand expos in the capital, small galleries and centers in other Ukrainian cities introduce locals and tourists to the incredible works of contemporary art.

Following the founding of the Kyiv Museum of Sex and a few BDSM bars, the new ‘free’ erotic space S39 has opened recently in the capital. Just like the said spots, S39 is aimed at breaking taboos set in the Ukrainian society, where sex is often considered shameful and impure.

Among numerous attractions like sightseeing and delicious cuisine spots, Kyiv has dozens of unusual museums that are no worse at luring in tourists and locals. One of them is a museum of costume and fashion - Victoria Museum, neatly tucked away in a cozy lane not far from the Arsenalna metro station. The 7 halls hold a vast collection of more than 200 exhibits of Victorian Era — all right in the heart of Kyiv.

This spring, the capital is graced with an opening of the new unusual spot —Museum of Sex. Officially called Sex.Ed.Museum, it is aimed at educating Ukrainian society about sexual culture and physiology. Let's have a look!

Last year was bountiful with various art events: the loud opening of Kyiv Podil Theatre, GogolFest traditional artists meet-up, long-awaited Kyiv Biennale and many others. The art spaces that host these events usually are true veterans of Kyiv cultural scene, dating back to mid-decade or start of the millennium. However, 2017 presented new players in the game. Check out these new places to keep an eye on this year.

Kyiv has amazing museums with unbelievable artifacts. Capital’s museums offer an unforgettable experience for visitors and are a proud symbol of cultural pride for locals. As an added bonus, many of these institutions offer free or discounted admission days. The list below provides more specific information about special museum offers for November, 2017.

The best things in life are, indeed, free. Access to art, education and chance for self-reflection are among them - and luckily, Kyiv’s museums are happy to open their doors for visitors in October to give you the opportunity to enjoy best expositions and spend some quality-time among works of art.

Centrally located on Svobody avenue,  «Salo» museum-restaurant offers to explore iconic Ukrainian food as well as enjoy its peculiar taste in various forms and gastronomical combinations. Don’t miss a chance to discover the history and culinary traditions of the most popular Ukrainian appetizer - lard («salo» in Ukrainian).

Pavlovka Art Gallery presents works of Ukrainian and international contemporary artists at the 220 ABSTRACT Art Fest 2017 opened on June 23rd 2017 in Kyiv. The exposition will be changing several times during the festival period. In two weeks guests of the abstract art festival in Kyiv will have a chance to discover over 30 artists.

Lviv Art Museums


Travelers who come to Lviv for the first time can be overwhelmed by the number of museums, art galleries and architectural landmarks. This city is considered to be the cultural capital of Ukraine and it often appears on the avant grade of the local art scene. «Destinations» rounds up the list of Lviv art museums worth visiting. From impressively vast national art gallery to the small indie art spaces, all the art fans will find something interesting for themselves.

Ukrainian company MacPaw has recently opened a unique museum in Kyiv. The owner of the company has decided to contribute to the historical education of users and opened in the Ukrainian capital the Museum of vintage Macs. MacPaw Museum exposition is located in the office of the company. The collection includes 70 items, including 13 iconic computers, such as the Macintosh 128k signed by Steve Wozniak.

A traveler who arrives to Kyiv for the first time might be overwhelmed with the number of museums and art galleries in the capital of Ukraine.  In case you have visited all the most popular museums in Kyiv and now is looking for something more peculiar, «Destinations» rounds up the list of 5 unique museums in the capital of Ukraine with unusual expositions.

The worldwide community of museums will celebrate International Museum Day on and around 18th of May 2017. Lviv being the cultural center of Ukraine and Eastern Europe has gladly joined this International Council of Museums (ICOM) initiative and has recently revealed its own diverse and interesting program dedicated to the International Museum Day, which will last for the whole week from May 18th to May 25th, 2017.

Kyiv Art Week (KAW) festival will take place in the capital of Ukraine from May, 3rd to May, 7th 2017 during the Eurovision International Song Contest. This will be the second time KAW festival will gather many art enthusiasts from different countries in Ukraine. KAW 2017 is a modern format international art event dedicated to contemporary art, with an art fair as a key event.

A-Gallery is an ultra modern exhibition space with the total area of 1400 square meters. The walls of the multimedia gallery are an interactive screens with the total length of 200 meters. A well equipped tech center masterfully combines the sound with the visual content shown on the interactive screens. A-Sense projector system guarantees that all the visitors will enjoy vibrant and bright colors of all the visual content exhibited at the gallery.

From April 6th, 2017 Kyiv History Museum invites you to attend «Kyїv art school» unique art project. The project will consist of a series of events that will be happening during 2017 - 2020.

A traveler who arrives to Odesa for the first time might be overwhelmed with the number of museums and art galleries in this southern Ukrainian city. Let «Destinations» point you in the direction of the finest galleries to visit in Odesa as well as top exhibitions and events they have to offer.

Kiev is not only famous for its scenic landscapes, which inspired a lot of poets and artists to depict its natural beauty in their immortal works. In addition to its unfading natural beauty and generosity of Ukrainian people, this capital city is also famous for its numerous places of interest. The Museum of Miniatures in Kiev is one of the city’s attractions.

«Destinations» rounds up the most interesting art exhibitions to attend in Kyiv in April, 2017. From Ukrainian modernism to exhibitions of the most talented young artists from around the world, April in the capital of Ukraine offers a wide array of interesting art events to attend.

Lviv National Art Gallery hosts a unique exhibition showcasing the captures and items of the lost interiors of the Pidhoretsky Castle, located in Lviv Region. The castle was famous for its lavish interior design and the collection of art it used to house. Sadly, the castle was stripped to bare walls during WW2, with many items shipped to nazi Germany and later to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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