Destination place: "Salo" Museum-Restaurant

Destination place: "Salo" Museum-Restaurant


Centrally located on Svobody avenue,  «Salo» museum-restaurant offers to explore iconic Ukrainian food as well as enjoy its peculiar taste in various forms and gastronomical combinations. Don’t miss a chance to discover the history and culinary traditions of the most popular Ukrainian appetizer - lard («salo» in Ukrainian).

Salo is the ultimate Ukrainian food. It is best served covered with garlic, onion and pickles (or something special), and almost always washed down with a shot of "horilka" (vodka). "Salo" museum-restaurant serves this traditional Ukrainian snack in the most weird and bizarre gastronomical combinations. Curious foodies can try chocolate covered «salo» or «salo» marinated in various «nastoyanka»s (a homemade traditional strong drink is very popular in Western Ukraine; It is believed to be stomach-settling miracle after a heavy meal because of the soothing properties of the horseradish and herbal mixtures in it; it is touch sweet and very intensely flavored). The menu is rather extensive and offers many «salo» options that will awe even the most experienced foodies. In case you come to visit "Salo" museum-restaurant just for its «museum» part and don’t want to challenge your taste buds and stomach, you can easily order food from the adjoining Japanese cuisine «Yapi» restaurant located upstairs from «Salo».  Read: 5 Unique Museums in Kyiv 5

«Salo» is not just a museum, it is also a restaurant by day and a party club by night as well as the art space for various contemporary art exhibitions. White pork fat is Ukraine’s national dish and «Salo» museum-restaurant in Lviv takes it to the whole artistic level. Here guests have a chance to witness unique sculptures made of lard. They are all stored in special glass cubes with temperatures carefully arranged for the art pieces not to melt. All cubes are pierced with colorful rays of light creating a totally whimsical atmosphere.  6

«Salo» museum-restaurant hosts parties almost every weekend, inviting popular DJs and performers. The place also works 24/7.
Address: 6-8, Svobody Avenue, Lviv. 

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Image source: Salo Facebook page, All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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