Movie Premiers in August 2017

Movie Premiers in August 2017

August being the last month of summer is also the last month of summer movie season, which means things tend to move a little slower regarding movie releases. However, there is still quite a number of exciting films that are coming our way in August 2017. Some look intense, others look like good fun, and all are ready for your hard-earned movie dollar to purchase a ticket and enjoy their wares.

The Dark Tower
The film we know as The Dark Tower is a very interesting case. While it's technically a sequel to the Stephen King series of novels, it's also going to obviously tie into the mythology of the world that came before. So, while fans are worried about all of those concerns, it looks like there's still a fun action movie hiding behind the cloud that's preemptively surrounded this film. It's a good thing it's one of this month's first films, as we're excited to see where this goes.
Opening: Thursday, August 3rd

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Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets

Based on a classic French comic book series, VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS brings director Luc Besson back to the kind of eye-popping, mind-bending science fiction with which he dazzled us in THE FIFTH ELEMENT. Fun, sexy and weird, VALERIAN is just the frenetic, candy-colored entertainment the summer offered, and it’s bringing with it a stunning of array of gorgeously designed aliens, awesome outfits, cool tech and badass heroes.

Annabelle: Creation
The Conjuring universe is still growing, and apparently, folks weren't satisfied with just one helping of Annabelle, as Annabelle: Creation is just waiting to be unwrapped by the moviegoing public. Call us crazy, but this sequel actually looks pretty spooky. In fact, we'd even say it looks scarier than the first film, and that was still pretty creeptastic. We could have another Oujia: Origin of Evil on our hands, as this sequel looks like it's ready to blow its predecessor out of the water.
Opening: Thursday, August 10th

The Hitman's Bodyguard

Every now and then, a movie comes along that looks like it was made just for the internet's pleasure. The Hitman's Bodyguard looks like the latest film to hold that honor, as the pairing of Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds looks to be just what the comedy doctor ordered. Two of the most meme-worthy action heroes are ready to try and deliver more bang for the buck, as Reynolds has to protect Jackson as he attempts to testify in a high profile court case. Naturally, chaos and laughter ensue.
Opening: Thursday, August 17th

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