Mural Social Club: Festival of Street Art in Ukraine

Mural Social Club: Festival of Street Art in Ukraine

Street artists from around the world are painting the walls of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities between May 12, 2016 and July 30, 2016 to fill the streets with bright colors and positive emotions.

International festival of contemporary art in public space - Mural Social Club – is taking place in Ukraine for the first time this summer. As part of a large-scale art event, more than 30 artists from around the world will create about 30 murals and several installations in Kiev, Odessa, Chernihiv and other Ukrainian cities.
“Our main goal is the popularization of art in Ukraine. We support the decentralization of urban culture - creation of art objects not only in the center, but also in the cities’ outskirts and smaller towns. About 80% of murals, which will be created during the first Mural Social Club, will be located in the residential areas”, - says Dmytro Palienko, the founder of Sky Art Foundation that has initiated this festival.

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Among the world of street art stars who are coming to the festival in Ukraine will be: Li-Hill, Rodrigo Branco, Evoca1, Fintan Magee, Borondo, Fikos Antonios, Seth, Telmo&Miel, Zio Ziegler and many others. “We have selected the conceptual artists, whose works decorate the most progressive cities in the world”, - emphasizes Oleg Sosnov, the co-curator of the project. The first guest of the festival is Li-Hill, famous street artist from New York. The artist will paint the Center for Arts and Culture of Kiev Polytechnic University (KPI). “I think it will be very symbolic work for Ukrainian capital, taking into account the artist’s reputation in the art world, as well as the size of the building”, - ensures Julia Ostrovskaya, the second co-curator of the project.
Among festival’s participants there are Ukrainian artists too: Interesni Kazki, Roman Minin, Serhiyy Radkevich, Sasha Korban. Renowned Ukrainian masters of painting, such as Oleg Tistol, Mykola Matsenko and Matviy Weisberg, will also try themselves in the field of street art.

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Mural Social Club Festival involves not only the creation of wall paintings and installations, but also holding the indoor exhibition of street artists in the space of Sky Art Foundation and educational program that will feature workshops and seminars on the world of street art. The Mural Social Club festival will last until July 30, 2016.
Keep up to date with events of the festival and wait to observe the results in the streets of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.

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