“Paris in a Gift-Wrap” Book Presentation

“Paris in a Gift-Wrap” Book Presentation

The book is written by Irina Filippova who has lived in France for many years. The wife of a high-ranking diplomat, Ambassador to France, this lady is a seasoned professional in marketing for French beauty companies. Due to her status the author was admitted to the intimate world of Parisian living-rooms and mansions (‘hotels particuliers’), and today she is holding the doors open for a reader to slip in.

The 'lego-like’ structure of the book presents sketches and essays in a kind of patchwork manner. One is free to choose chapters and topics, addresses and tips that might be of interest. Paris in the book is multifaceted: gastronomic and business-like, democratic and pretentious, pathetic and passionate, trendy and casual. Whichever you choose it will still be delicious, refined and courteous, presented in a gift-wrap by Irina Filippova.
The book is easy to read – the text simply flows from one topic to another. Just as you are about to get absorbed in historical and architectural facts the text jumps to a different topic introducing a fashion or movie character, describing a motley crowd in the streets or discussing the latest fashion trends. No chance to get bored.
An easy entertaining guide-book, based on historical sources and personal impressions, giving out over a hundred specific addresses which you have passed by without noticing last time you were visiting Paris. The text goes far beyond the boundaries of a typical guide book by gracefully maneuvering between lyrical prose and memoirs, notes on the cuffs and a collection of essays.
The book offers a "gift"-version of the city, a dream and an opportunity to see a different side of Paris, which you never knew existed.

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