September Art Exhibitions in Lviv in 2017

September Art Exhibitions in Lviv in 2017

«Destinations» rounds up the most interesting art exhibitions to attend in Lviv in September, 2017.
Interesting Ukrainian and international artists and new art venues - September brings the great start of the fall art season in Lviv.

Veniamin KUSHNIR at Lvivyarnya
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Veniamin Kushnir belongs to those few artists, who, over the stuffy years of totalitarist system and sotsrealism, made their way in the Ukrainian national art. “I am a Ukrainian painter and my art should be national” – this was his motto. Romantic and thinker, he always strived for freedom, painted only what he wanted to, what really touched him. 
Phylosophical understanding of the complexity of inner world of a man is embodied in numerous portraits that reflect Ukrainian national character. His drawing of nature are fine and technically perfect, the painter sees the romantic beauty of his country. He is in love with the Carpathians, Podillia, Kyiv – places where the history of Ukraine was made.
Address: 18, Kleparivska street, Lviv. «Lvivyarnya» Museum Exhibition Complex of Lviv Beer Brewery. From August 1st 2017 to September 30th, 2017.
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«Lest we forget» by  Luigi Toscano

Luigi Toscano – a German photographer who came to the topic of the Holocaust while still very young. The son of migrant workers from Italy, he grew up in post-war Germany, where the memory of nazi crimes and their conviction was part of the cultural and educational discourse. 
Luigi Toscano began to photograph those who survived the Holocaust, which was and still is very important, because the number of these people is decreasing. He spoke about the two women, girlfriends, with whom he met in Kyiv. Anna and Lyudmyla were his first heroes in the new project, which he called "Lest we forget". 
With the support of the German Embassy and the management of Babi Yar National Historical Memorial Reserve, it was decided that the photo-installation "Lest we forget" to be shown at Babi Yar during the events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the executions. It had a very big public outcry and led the artist back to Ukraine early this year. His photo-installation has been shown in Dnepr, in the "Menorah" center, and this summer the exhibition arrived to Lviv showcased against the walls of Lonskoho Prison, where the "Territory of Terror" memorial complex is being created. 14352150 10209752723475682 6174187477889826736 o
Address: 45, Chornovola Avenue. From August 21st to September 10th.
Pidhoretsky Castle Lost Interiors

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Lviv National Art Gallery hosts a unique exhibition showcasing the captures and items of the lost interiors of the Pidhoretsky Castle, located in Lviv Region. The castle was famous for its lavish interior design and the collection of art it used to house. Sadly, the castle was stripped to bare walls during WW2, with many items shipped to nazi Germany and later to Moscow and St. Petersburg.
The exhibition was opened on March 20th, 2017; it showcases over 200 unique items of castle interiors that have been miraculously saved from being stolen or destroyed. Lviv National Art Gallery offers an interactive tour of the exhibition or a guided tour with historians specializing in the history of Castles of Lviv Region.
Address: 3, Stefanyka street, Lviv. Till September 15th, 2017.
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Photo source: Iya Stepanyuk,, Lviv National Art Gallery Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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