The New Erotic Space S39 in Kyiv

The New Erotic Space S39 in Kyiv

Following the founding of the Kyiv Museum of Sex and a few BDSM bars, the new ‘free’ erotic space S39 has opened recently in the capital. Just like the said spots, S39 is aimed at breaking taboos set in the Ukrainian society, where sex is often considered shameful and impure.

S39 is a ‘free erotic space’, which in fact works in two formats: one part is an art gallery and the other is a showroom of various erotic attributes. In the first part, visitors will observe paintings of contemporary Ukrainian artists that incorporate erotic elements in their works. As for the showroom, curious souls will have an opportunity to check out a broad range of various bondage elements, flogging tools, as well as fetish underwear.
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The S39 erotic space is aimed at breaking existing shameful taboos and establishing communication between partners, who are often influenced by the said taboos or simply are too shy to share their desires. Up to date, S39 are developing an online store of the items represented in the showroom. Those curious can already subscribe to receive news about the shop’s promotions and sales.
To visit S39, one needs to book an appointment beforehand. The appointment is completely anonymous.
Where: 3, Oleksandra Dovzhenko Street
Working hours: Mon-Fri 11 A.M. — 7 P.M.
Photo source: S39 Instagram, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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