UDLAENGSEL Project: Journeys of Corneliu Cazacu

UDLAENGSEL Project: Journeys of Corneliu Cazacu

The project “UDLAENGSEL: Journeys of Corneliu Cazacu” (06.09-20.09.2017) is the confluence of several series which each could have been the subject of an individual exhibition. The title is taken from the Danish word which conveys the ‘passion for travelling’ or Wanderlust (German), a condition which has taken the photographer to the furthest parts of the world in a quest for documenting the magical moments of both natural and human life.

“I have always enjoyed more telling a human story than photographing landscapes. This exhibition is an attempt to bridge the duality of… landscape and social documentary photography.” [Corneliu Cazacu]The photos take the onlooker from the icy waters and the icebergs of Greenland and the otherworldly Jökulsárlon (The Glacial Lagoon) in Iceland, to the glaciers of Peru and the drying salt lake in Shiraz, Iran. They show glimpses into belief systems of different people reflected in the folk practices of Romania, the Mexican Day of the Dead, the King Gezar celebration in the Sichuan province of China, and even a familiar scene of the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine.
Corneliu Cazacu is a Danish-Romanian photographer and writer based in Munich, Germany. He specializes in nature, architecture, reportage, and music photography. His work has been published in newspapers and magazines such as National Geographic US, Foreign Policy, EU Observer, Romania libera, Dilema veche et al. His photographs can be found in private collections in the US, Germany, France, Denmark, Romania and Ukraine.
• Winner of two first prizes and a second prize in the "Mihai Vasile" photography contest organised by the Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism, Romania, 2015.
• Winner of the SIR photo contest Munich, 2016 (photographing integration of refugees in Munich).
• IPA - int´l professional awards 2016 - Honorable Mention - Nature : Sunset Category
• Winner of Travel Photographer Society contest 2017 (People & Culture)
Honorable mentions at the MonoVisions photography awards (2017).
• 1996-1997: Plougmann & Vingtoft Headquarters, Copenhagen, Denmark
• 1998-2016: Collective yearly exhibition in the European Patent Office, Munich, Germany
• 2015: Presentation of Euromaidan revolution photos and participation in the panel debate
"Ukraine in the eyes of Eastern European Intelligentsia" in Brussels, Belgium
• 2017: Solo exhibition at Triptych: Global Arts Workshop, Kyiv, Ukraine
Address: 34 Andriyivskyy Uzviz, Kyiv, Triptych: Global Arts Workshop
When: 06.09-20.09.2017

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