Summer in Kyiv has its own charming flavor, consisting of bright experiences and new tastes. So where can we feel the taste of summer? Apart from riverside beaches and vibrant parties, it hides in cozy bars where we can spend a relaxing evening with delicious cocktails and good conversation. Newly-born bars of Ukrainian capital welcome you for a drink in July 2018.

The well-known Kyiv restaurateur Dmytro Borysov has recently launched a new bar in the very heart of Ukrainian capital. The bar, located under the glass dome of Globus shopping mall, welcomes to enjoy views on the country`s main square and delicious drinks for the best prices.

Those seeking for a pint of beer and a quiet corner have a wide variety of choices in Kyiv: apart from the well-known ones, new restaurants and bars appear each month. Surely, none of them could ever compare with pubs – the ultimate place carrying the vibe that asks to stay for a while. See which pubs in Kyiv would welcome you in times of need.

One more spicy addition to Podil venues appeared this April and became a thing of legends despite currently working in a test mode. The main reason is, perhaps, the timely and sarcastic nature of the Za#balo bar, where even the title is a concealed swear word. Moreover, 20+ cocktails and a bartender that will listen to you venting about hardships are hard to pass by. Let’s check it all out.

Those who haven’t visited this place have surely heard about it through the grapevine. The first cider house Bilyi Nalyv was opened on Khreshchatyk at the beginning of April and instantly attracted long queues of patiently waiting customers. The reason behind is a delicious menu and price policy — every position here costs UAH 29 (1€). Let’s see what you can get there.

Made with love care, based on the secret recipes that went though generations, this drink continues to baffle tourists. Those familiar with the sweet and intense taste of Ukrainian nalyvka probably won't forget it any time soon. As for the rookies, Lviv is full of restaurants to try it at – as nalyvka essentially is a beverage of Western Ukraine. Destinations gathered the best places to try the spicy drink in the heart of West – Lviv.

Obolon' quay is a beloved place for long strolls in spring and summer, and when Kyiv is graced with snow, adults and kids from all over the city come over here to enjoy sledging. Naturally, in both cases the next point is crucial: where to eat and relax afterwards? Luckily, in the recent years quay became home for many cafes and restaurants. 2018 welcomes another 'dweller' – SODA Bar&Restaurant. Let's see what's special about it.

The Drinkery concept bar was opened only in mid-January but it had already found its place in the hearts of Kyiv dwellers — location in downtown, relaxed atmosphere and nice prices easily make it a perfect place to chill out with friends. Let's see what makes The Drinkery a unique bar among the others.

For those who live according to the principle of "business with pleasure", the new restaurant format that combines an art gallery and a bar may be just the right place to spend the evening at. Accompanied by contemporary jazz and the best DJ sets in the nighttime, It's Not The Louvre in Kyiv indeed doesn't look like it's French namesake, but it just as intriguing. Let's check it out.

Golden Gate district welcomes a new and already popular beer spot – Tsypa Taphouse. This bar, hidden away in the quiet alley, tempts its visitors with one of the best craft beers in Ukraine. Namesake of the bar, Tsypa brewery originally located in Zakarpattia, is the main caterer. Let's find out what's so special about it!

Fandom Coffee Bar has already acquired popularity among the public, which highly appreciates beauty, comfort and delightful European cuisine. It is a good place for a cup of coffee and lunch to fill up for the rest of your day. In the evening, Fandom welcomes lone visitors, as well as big companies to taste the bar's special cocktails.

The year has passed, and it's high time to wrap up and reminiscent what's been. Checked points in the bucket lists, travel destinations visited, people met and people gone…and of course the places you've spent the best of times in. For some, bars with the vibe have been that place. Let's see which bars were really popular in 2017.

Many Kyiv restaurants pride themselves for their signature secret recipes for traditional Ukrainian liqueurs and digestifs. For tourists’ needs «nalyvka»s and «nastoyanka»s are sold in gift bottles and wrappings. «Destinations» rounds up best places to taste that traditional local drink in the capital of Ukraine.

Bar Regenschirm in Podil area, a very popular party destination as it is, has recently changed its concept to offer not just exceptionally well mixed cocktails but delicious food as well.

If you feel the need to spice up your life with some mystery or feeling of supernatural, you don’t necessarily have to turn on a horror movie. Visit Andryivskyi descent, full of dark secrets and old ghost stories - and the new Lysa Gora Witch Bar, that suits the place more than anything.

Kyiv’s bar life in October is brimming with new appearances: from a wine laboratory with a crazy scientist as a lead to a BDSM-themed bar, the places worth paying a visit are the saving grace of the cold and grey month.

Aperol Spritz is undoubtedly the most widespread and commonly drunk aperitif in Italy: a traditional ice-breaker and symbol of a lively atmosphere. The love for Aperol Spritz in Kyiv can be easily compared to the way Italians treat this drink.  It's one of the most popular cocktails, served at the most fashionable restaurants in Kyiv and it’s a perfect summer drink. «Destinations» brings you the list of recommended bars and restaurants to have this fashionable Italian aperitif.

Podil is a special neighborhood in Kyiv. Perhaps, it's the only place to stroll through cozy streets and get soaked with an exceptional atmosphere or get together with friends to get rid of daily routine. To do latter here’s a pick of bars worth visiting in Podil.

Drinkville cocktail delivery service is bringing the craft cocktails  to the comfort of people’s homes with its on-demand cocktail list featuring drinks made by top local, professional bartenders.

Shota Rustaveli is one of the beautiful central streets of Kyiv. This street is well known for its numerous admirable bars and restaurants.  Destinations rounds up some of the bars on Shota Rustaveli street, which are definitely worth visiting.

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