The year has passed, and it's high time to wrap up and reminiscent what's been. Checked points in the bucket lists, travel destinations visited, people met and people gone…and of course the places you've spent the best of times in. For some, bars with the vibe have been that place. Let's see which bars were really popular in 2017.

Many Kyiv restaurants pride themselves for their signature secret recipes for traditional Ukrainian liqueurs and digestifs. For tourists’ needs «nalyvka»s and «nastoyanka»s are sold in gift bottles and wrappings. «Destinations» rounds up best places to taste that traditional local drink in the capital of Ukraine.

Bar Regenschirm in Podil area, a very popular party destination as it is, has recently changed its concept to offer not just exceptionally well mixed cocktails but delicious food as well.

If you feel the need to spice up your life with some mystery or feeling of supernatural, you don’t necessarily have to turn on a horror movie. Visit Andryivskyi descent, full of dark secrets and old ghost stories - and the new Lysa Gora Witch Bar, that suits the place more than anything.

Kyiv’s bar life in October is brimming with new appearances: from a wine laboratory with a crazy scientist as a lead to a BDSM-themed bar, the places worth paying a visit are the saving grace of the cold and grey month.

Aperol Spritz is undoubtedly the most widespread and commonly drunk aperitif in Italy: a traditional ice-breaker and symbol of a lively atmosphere. The love for Aperol Spritz in Kyiv can be easily compared to the way Italians treat this drink.  It's one of the most popular cocktails, served at the most fashionable restaurants in Kyiv and it’s a perfect summer drink. «Destinations» brings you the list of recommended bars and restaurants to have this fashionable Italian aperitif.

Podil is a special neighborhood in Kyiv. Perhaps, it's the only place to stroll through cozy streets and get soaked with an exceptional atmosphere or get together with friends to get rid of daily routine. To do latter here’s a pick of bars worth visiting in Podil.

Drinkville cocktail delivery service is bringing the craft cocktails  to the comfort of people’s homes with its on-demand cocktail list featuring drinks made by top local, professional bartenders.

Shota Rustaveli is one of the beautiful central streets of Kyiv. This street is well known for its numerous admirable bars and restaurants.  Destinations rounds up some of the bars on Shota Rustaveli street, which are definitely worth visiting.

The bar is located within two-minute walk from Ocean Plaza. The title is naturally about smoke which must be thick. Hookah-bar offers a hall for 60 seats, VIP area for 6-8 persons and a terrace floored with a thick carpet of green grass with tables and sofas, precious shade and breeze where 60 guests could be comfortably located.

De Bosch is rather new atmospheric bar in the center of Kyiv. The concept of this location is influenced by works of Hieronymus Bosch, the most weird and mysterious painter of the Renaissance era. De Bosch bar design and menu reflect the idea of famous “The Garden of Earthly Delights” Hieronymus Bosch's triptych.

On March 15th, 2017 Kyiv hosted The Battle of the Bars, one of the biggest bar and mixology themed event of the year. The event aimed at awarding the best bars, barmen and mixologists of Ukraine.

In terms of gastronomic culture Kiev is a multinational city, like any other megapolis in the world. You can find Chinese, Indian, Italian, Pan-Asian, European and many other cuisines and, of course, traditional bars over here. If you are fond of Irish beer you should visit one of the Irish pubs in Kiev.

These days Kharkiv can boast a vibrant hipster culture, rich art and musical scene. This is one of the biggest Eastern Ukrainian cities, which has rich history and cultural heritage. It used to be the center of Ukrainian cultural life and home of prominent Ukrainian science and engineering schools. Sadly, Kharkiv has suffered heavily during WW 2, so it has fairly little to show architecturally-wise. In our days it is a city of soviet monumentalism and rejuvenating Ukrainian traditions.

With numerous bars, restaurants and night clubs opening each new summer season, the selection of options for going out in Odesa is impressive. This city became an ultimate Ukrainian destination for holidaymakers and regular party crowd with its sandy beaches, warm climate and dozens of interesting places to enjoy a drink and authentic Odesa atmosphere. «Destinations» rounded up the best new bars to visit in Odesa.

An increasing number of Odesa pubs are specializing in craft beers, signature ales and traditional rich flavored lagers. «Destinations» narrows down Odesa pubs with the best selection of craft beers from breweries both near and far.

The hookah is one of the Middle East’s best gifts to the world. It was invented so that people could share shisha (flavored tobacco). This tradition is more than centuries old and its popularity has recently taken Kyiv by storm, numerous hookah bars popping up all around the city.

«Destinations» rounded up beer pubs in Kyiv with the best selection of craft beers and classic ales from breweries both near and far. Craft beers are unique, progressive beers made by small-scale breweries. Craft beer is distinct from traditional one and is often explosively hoppy and rich in flavor. An increasing number of bars and pubs in Kyiv is specializing in them.

Photo: Barometer Bar Show Facebook Page
Barometer Bar Show is a gathering for the hospitality industry and bar enthusiasts with focus on developing the cocktail scene and drinking culture in Ukraine. It is a two-day show which combines everything from master classes of the world leading bar experts to spirits tastings, bar awards and world class pop-up bars.

Lviv is famous not only for its coffee, but for its beers as well. «Destinations» rounded up beer pubs in Lviv with the best selection of craft beers and classic ales from breweries both near and far.

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