Best beer pubs in Lviv

Best beer pubs in Lviv

Lviv is famous not only for its coffee, but for its beers as well. «Destinations» rounded up beer pubs in Lviv with the best selection of craft beers and classic ales from breweries both near and far.

Craft beers are unique, progressive beers made by small-scale breweries. Craft beer is distinct from traditional one and is often explosively hoppy and rich in flavor. An increasing number of bars and pubs in Lviv are specializing in them.
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Photo: Choven Facebook Page
In an area full of touristy pubs, this nautical slash hipster themed drinking den is a hideaway worth knowing about. «Choven» means «boat» in Ukrainian, hence all the white and blue and fish in the interior. This beer pub is hip, stylish and moody, with loads of craft beer from around the globe on the menu.
Address: 33, Virmenska street, Lviv.
Lvivske Museum of Beer & Brewing

Photo: Lvivske Beer web page
The oldest still-functioning brewery in Lviv turned 300 years in 2015, and a tasting tour which runs roughly every 1½ hours through the main underground facilities is well worth the ride out of the city center. One old storage vault has been turned into an atmospheric beer hall where you can sample even more frothy Lvivske Beer, one of the most popular brands in the country.
Address: 18, Kleparivska street, Lviv.

Photo: Korzo Facebook page
This long-standing Lviv spot is old-school and unpretentious, with a wistful pride for its heritage as one of the oldest drinking dens in Lviv. Throwbacks include the tattered furniture, sticky floor (as spills are a common thing once Korzo gets packed, which is almost every night) and genuine atmosphere of a beer pub. Guests love the low-key vibe.
Address: 10, Brativ Rohatyntsiv street, Lviv.
Winston Churchill

Photo: Winston Churchill Facebook page
Compact but comfortable beer bar in Lviv where the action spills out on to the pavement. Winston Churchill in Lviv takes a bet with its classic wooden paneled interior and not more than necessary list of beers on the menu. This place is always buzzing on game nights and over the weekend.
Address: 4, Akademika Gnatyuka street, Lviv

Photo: L'UFT Facebook page
No great looker, but a craft beer oasis in Lviv. The focus is on real ales from British, American, Belgian and local breweries, all kept exceptionally well. Don’t let the not-so-classy appearance of the place fool you, the price of beer here is somewhat above average. L’UFT is laid-back drinking place for the city’s young crowd. Looks like a post-work IPA will never have tasted fresher.
Address: 17, Kopernika street, Lviv (Place of Culture ground floor)
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If you are searching for the best bars and pubs for a frosty pint or two, you are in the right place. Lviv’s drinking scene is one of the best in Ukraine. Our web rounded up the list of the best no-nonsense beer pubs in Lviv.

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