Slavic Pagan Traditions for the New Year Eve


Regarding most holidays, the New Year's Eve has always been a ritual, having an ancient origin. Nowadays, comparing the traditions that have come down to us with some rites of the ancients, you...

Folk and Historical Parks of Ukraine


Undoubtedly, Ukraine is a treasury of the historical culture. Its territory preserves an ancient past of many nations, events and wars.
Therefore it is not surprising and is even familiar to...

Kievan Rus’ Interesting Facts


The name of the state "Kievan Rus’" never existed. It is a fictitious name that was introduced by Soviet historians within the frame of the derussification of the Russian history. The christening...

Autumnal Equinox: Slavic Traditions and Rites


From the ancient times the eternal days of the Spring and Autumnal Equinox, the Winter and Summer Solstice were worshiped by Slavs regarding nature. They were associated with significant events...

Special Energy Places in Ukraine


Places of power and special enormous energy have always intrigued people. Some of these areas are considered to be blessing, curative, joyous and filled with positive energy. Still there exist...

The Cultures’ War: Ukraine’s “Temptations”


Imagine that you are The Human responsible for organizing the next 200 years on Earth. How will this image look like? Are we leaving in One Global Village, speaking one language (yours or your...

Personality vs Culture


Recently I had the pleasure to have in my audience for a Workshop on Cultural Differences a very smart Top Manager. He insisted that it is not correct to assume that people from one culture have...

5 Challenges Ukrainian Entrepreneurs Face Outside the CIS Space


While the fact that having the access to the markets outside the CIS space is a big Opportunity for a Ukrainian entrepreneur, this, in the same time, brings several challenges with it.

Popular Easter Recipes in Ukraine


Easter (Paskha or Velykden) is the main orthodox holiday in Ukraine. In Christian Church "Easter" got a special sense to religious people and started to signify a transition from death to life...

National Culture vs. Organizational Culture


Every once in a while when I give a lecture or an introductory training on National Culture, there is someone in the audience that argues that “culture” is not something specific to a country,...

Romania and Ukraine: the Long Way Home


The February Protests in Romania remind of the not so long ago Maidan protests in Ukraine, making us wonder how similar they are in reality, and where the similarities will stop. The situation in...

Tereshchenko Philanthropy Contribution in Ukraine


Tereshchenko family is well known not only on the territory of Ukraine but also in the whole Europe due to its philanthropy into the cultural sphere.
The first founder of the dynasty is...

In an Interconnected World: will the Cultures converge?


The fact that hundreds of millions of people are so interconnected with each other through Internet and the Social Networks, have the possibilities to learn any language fast and reach almost any...

Illumination of Ukrainian Artistic Platforms


It is a big proud to have a right to say that Ukraine is a stage for many contemporary art performances and exhibitions! Despite many downsides and ageing of cultural funds, philanthropists,...

Ukrainian Fests Inherited From the World


English proverb says: “Fools make feasts and wise men eat them”. Tell it to any Ukrainian and we will completely disagree. Let us get a glimpse into a unique cultural identity of Ukrainian...

Ukraine as a New Touristic Brand


East or west home is the best! Probably this is the perfect proverb description for our nation. Recently Ukraine has become more and more attractive for tourists because of its hospitality...

The Renaissance of Ukrainian Feast Traditions


The tendency of foreign holidays borrowing positively reflected not only on the society globalization processes but also on the Ukrainian citizens. It's slightly noticeable but is a fact that...

The Motivation’s Butchers


By now most of the leaders agree that one component that you need in order to succeed in your business is to be able to motivate your people. Having motivated people ensures your access to...