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Photo Rolls-Royce Webpage
The names of Rolls-Royce cars have been traditionally encurtained with mystic: Ghost, Phantom, Silver Spirit, Seraphim. Wraith is a spirit that steals souls. It is easy to believe in this name’s power because a new Rolls-Royce coupe firmly takes a soul away.

Destinations met with Nazar Shymone-Davyda and Helen Artemenko, the founders of Tesla Club Ukraine, to talk about electric cars in Ukraine and the unique inventions of the company.

Oxygen Group company has launched Oxy-Taxi, the first electric cars taxi service in Kiev., supported by "Revival" International Fund, begins publishing series of video #EnergyHeroes of Ukrainian “green” innovators and activists for sustainable development of the ecological movement in the country.

Palmer Johnson Yachts company together with Bugatti car manufacturer will build the yacht, the price of which will start from two million euros.

Dnipro River offers good opportunities for establishing luxury yacht clubs in Kyiv area. Picturesque views of the river banks and yacht clubs’ modern infrastructure make this type of rest so attractive to wealthy guests and residents of the city.

On November 27, 2015 the first serial model of SUV Bentayga was assembled in Great Britain.

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