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A cup of delicious coffee is a good choice in any season, and, of course, summer is not an exception. Where to go in summer 2018 to explore new coffee recipes and freshly-opened cozy spots? We will help you to find new interesting cafes with hot and cold fragrant coffee in Kyiv.

Recently, the fresh trend of combining shopping and coffee places has been becoming more and more popular in Kyiv. Osobnyak shopping space in beautiful Vozdvizhenka district supports the latest tendencies by opening new Spovidal`nya café. 

Coffee shops truly pop up in Kyiv like flowers this spring. First Blur Coffee on the Klovska metro station, then Coffee Shot 61 on Lukianivska, and finally the new spot on Besarabka in the heart of the city. 16.Coffee Place is located in a cozy corner away from the general hubbub, offering various types of roast, cold brew and delicious desserts.

On April 10, a new intriguing coffee shop was opened not far from the Klovska metro station in Kyiv downtown. The new spot on the café map of the city is aimed at popularizing coffee culture — and large portions of food. Here you won’t be served your usual Americano. Let’s check out what you can find instead.

The common thing in hectic workdays and lazy weekends is how easily both can be improved with a good start. The beginning of the day was proved to be crucial for setting the mood, and it’s no surprise – after all, being irritated right after you open your eyes isn’t beneficial for anyone. A nice way to make the morning better is to take a few minutes to relax in a calm atmosphere before engaging in business. That’s why Destinations picked the best locations for coffee and croissant in Kyiv’s downtown.

This winter new food spots pop up in Kyiv faster than most can notice. Coffee shops, vegetarian cafes, restaurants and bars…it's hard to keep up sometimes, especially with the amount of information that is dropped on our heads everyday on Facebook feed. Destinations gathered a chart of new cafes that opened in Kyiv this winter – let's check it out.

Comeback everyday cafe in Kyiv is a universal dining place. Here you can have a good breakfast in the morning and enjoy a tasty cocktail in the evening. And it does not matter when you decide to start your day – breakfasts here are served at any time during working hours. The name of the cafe speaks for itself: this location is attractive enough to come back every day for a good meal.

While Starbucks topples with Pumpkin Spice Latte sales, Kyiv witnesses new notable coffee shop openings. And that’s just a small piece of a jigsaw. Asian food cafe, selected natural food spot, and restaurant for breakfast with kids all open their doors for customers in October.

Coffee culture continues to evolve in Ukraine. It seems like Kyiv Vozdvizhenka area is becoming something of a coffee mecca of the capital. Fair Finch coffee shop in Kyiv has opened its doors for guests 2 years ago and now is popular destination for the coffee fans.

Whether you’re a fitness junkie, a crazy workhorse or are just up early to beat the traffic and take your kids to school, a good cup of coffee can make the world of difference in the morning. Luckily, Kyiv has a few spots around town waking up earlier than we do in order to serve us our morning pick-me-ups just the way we like them. And they’re all open before 9am.

Get ready for heavy drooling. These instagram photos will convert you into a breakfast person fast. Follow these delicious ideas for breakfast inspiration, then get started on your morning with the real fruits, real nuts, pancakes, scones and wholesome multi-grains and other instagram-friendly breakfast foods.

The old Kyiv yard on Reytarska street near Zoloti Vorota subway station is a famous place, loved by locals and tourists. This yard is notable for its unusual dwellers: three black crows live here in a large aviary. The locals take care of the birds, while the guests like to bring them different tasty things. Now those who visit the yard to communicate with the pet ravens can also enjoy a cup of excellent coffee in newly opened Kashtan coffee shop.

We can’t honestly think of a better way to start the day in Kyiv than just relax, let it all hang out, have a sumptuous breakfast and prepare for what the day has to offer. «Destinations» gathered together Kyiv’s best restaurants and coffee shops, where it's breakfast time all the time; in other words, here is out top 5 locations in Kyiv, which offer delicious all day breakfast menu.

Tartine is a multi-concept dining spot in Kyiv downtown. It offers delicious tartine sandwiches with various fillings. As a multi-concept place, Tartine is something more than just a restaurant. This is a very interesting and atmospheric combination of gastro bar, cafe, bakery and grocery shop.

When you own any piece of equipment that has some kind of mechanical parts then it will eventually have to be serviced or even repaired at some point, particularly when it goes about the bicycle. Bike service is very important, and it’s not only available in the conventional bike shops. Lifecycle is a brand new, multi-purpose concept space in the capital of Ukraine offering its visitors to enjoy healthy dining experience, use the in-house bike repair shop and, of course, to fuel on fragrant freshly brewed coffee.

There are many cafés in Kyiv where locals and tourists can meet for a cup of tea and chat about life. All of them are attractive in their own way. However, there is a unique new café located downtown, which is worth visiting while your stay in Kyiv. One of them is the Chetveronogiy Dom (‘Fourfooted House') Cat Café that invites all guests into the world where feline hold their sway over human beings.

Cabinet used to be one of the most popular coffee-shops in Lviv. It gathered a funny crowd of local bohemia, politicians, artists, tourists and coffee enthusiasts. However, this place was shut down for the unknown reason around 3 years ago and has been re-opened just a few months ago.

Vozdvizhenka is rather new elite district in the very center of Kyiv. It is a great place not just to walk around and enjoy beautiful views and architecture, but also to try delicious food and drinks in numerous cafes and restaurants. Of course, a cup of great coffee will make your day at Vozdvizhenka much more delightful. Check out the most interesting coffee shops of Vozdvizhenka in Kyiv, where guests are offered the best coffee and desserts.

Lviv is a mecca for many coffee enthusiasts. There is an impressive number of coffee shops in the city. From hipster loft cafes to the bourgeois bistros, drinking a cup of coffee in one of these places became an iconic experience for Lviv dwellers and city’s guests.

Bike and healthy foods enthusiasts alert! B2 Bike and Bakery is a brand new, multi-purpose concept space in Kyiv offering its visitors to enjoy healthy dining experience, use the in-house bike repair shop or bike rental and, of course, try their signature vegan baked goods.

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