Tiramisu Bar in Kiev

Tiramisu Bar in Kiev
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There is a first and unique mono-restaurant which specializes on tiramisu desserts.

Talented French Chef Victor Garrido Mazoyer creates really special recipes of the famous Italian desserts. He has worked in "Michelin" restaurant in Paris, the legendary French Patisserie Laduree, in restaurants in London and Tokyo. Now he is for the first time in Kiev.
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Especially for Tiramisu Bar Victor has developed new recipes based on seven unique original ideas: from classical performance to exotic interpretations. Imagination and talent of Chef got embodied in small sweet masterpieces.
Straight from the heart of New York to Kiev has come special drink, called "Moody coffee" (coffee with mood). There is real cloud of cotton candy over a cup of coffee. You will have always the great mood starting the day with such cup of coffee.
Come and taste the best tiramisu in Kiev!
Address: 6A, Heroyiv Stalingrada (Stalingrad Heroes) Avenue, Kiev.

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