Korky and Kryhty Restaurant in Lviv

Korky and Kryhty Restaurant in Lviv

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Korky and Kryhty (Crumbs and Corks in Ukrainian) is the newest addition to the Lviv wining and dining scene. This is a wine bar as well as a bakery. Here guests can enjoy a glass of wine, a freshly baked Italian pizza, great selection of locally made cheeses to compliment your wine.

Opening a new restaurant in this location definitely requires some guts and confidence, as it will be surrounded by well established and super-popular eateries that claim to serve the best burgers and pizza in town as well as throw the best parties in Lviv. Looking at the number of restaurants and bars per square meter in this location makes you think that another one simply won’t survive the competition.
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The menu at Korky and Kryhty is rather simple, yet it offers everything needed for a relaxed evening with friends and family: freshly baked pizza, breads, signature sauces and exceptionally well-put together wine list. Thursdays are the oyster days at Korky and Kryhty. Fines de Claires are served with a signature gourmet sauces. Helpful staff will gladly offer you the wine which will compliment your gourmet meal.

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The interior, just like the menu, is laconic yet hip and comfortable to be in. The crowd often spills out onto the street to enjoy good food, good wine and good company.
Address: 27, L. Ukrainka street, Lviv.
Image source: Korky and Kryhty Facebook page. All imeges belong to their rightful owners. 

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