ZigZag European Style Restaurant in Kyiv

ZigZag European Style Restaurant in Kyiv

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Photo: ZigZag Facebook Page
ZiZag is a place for people who enjoy fine wine and good jazz, for those who know a thing or two about Ukrainian avant-garde, for travel junkies and art lovers. Here guest can enjoy the unique atmosphere of old Kyiv and hipster European dining scene.

ZigZag was created by Lyubov Tsybul’ska and Nikita Moskalenko, a couple from Kyiv, who had some previous experience in restaurant business before. However this time, the creative duo wanted to open a restaurant that would differ from other similar places with a unique atmosphere and general ambiance that attract a certain kind of crowd. And we need to say, that they totally succeeded.
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The interior design of the place reminds numerous similar places in downtown Amsterdam or Berlin. Hipster details, shabby chic furniture and overall ambiance of democratic European diner -those are the key features of ZigZag restaurant in Kyiv.
The wine list and bar selection of ZigZag isn’t overly extensive, however it can satisfy a demanding connoisseur. The restaurant offers some classic wines but also wines that are less known and the ones from slightly more interesting regions and grape varieties. The cocktails’ list deserves separate mentioning - drinks here are well mixed and nicely served. The range of domestic and imported spirits can assure the bar is stocked to satisfy every taste.

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ZigZag’s menu is an interesting combination of international dishes. Foodies will enjoy a great selection of meats cooked with innovative techniques, which guarantee tenderness and authentic taste. Vegetarians are also welcome with a variety of salads and veggie main dishes. Tailoring to a customer’s needs reverts to the same principle of keeping things natural.

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At ZigZag the service is not forced and neither is a vibrant atmosphere. This restaurant strives to make the dining experience as organic as possible. Guests enjoy the best atmosphere because ZigZag understands that the general ambiance is the key to restaurant success.
Address: 13, Reytarska street, Kyiv.
Photo source: ZigZag Facebook Page


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