3D Art Project in Vyshgorod

3D Art Project in Vyshgorod

On August 24, 2017, a unique event will take place on the embankment of Vyshgorod town near Kyiv. Locals and guests of the town are welcome to unveiling ceremony and presentation of 3D-picture called “Flying gull”, painted on the pavement. “Flying gull”, a joint art project of ТМ KOMPOZIT and young Ukrainian painter Volodymyr Pastushak, supported by Vyshgorod city mayor Aleksey Momot, will become the first of its kind created in the town. The painting will be dedicated to Independence Day of Ukraine.

The organizers said that the picture of a gull flying above deep ravine with water and a yacht with white canvas was not chosen occasionally. Gull is a symbol of Vyshgorod and similarly named Kyiv water storage, where annual regattas of nationwide importance take place. The bird also embodies the ideas of freedom and resistance to difficulties.
“We hope that this art object will be not only a decoration and a highlight of the town, but will also remind people that our country will undoubtedly rise above all problems, heading into the world of new possibilities and successful achievements.” – says Dmitry Ostapenko, the founder and general director of ТМ KOMPOZIT and initiator of the project.
During six days, on August 18 - 23, Volodymyr Pastushak will be creating the picture of flying gull on town embankment. Volodymyr is one of the few modern artists, who are able to paint using all known techniques and genres, and to create pieces of art using wide range of materials. However, Volodymyr`s 3D-pictures, notable for his inimitable signature style, brought young painter the greatest popularity.
On August 24, the festive presentation of exclusive signature 3D-picture will be held with the participation of Alexey Momot, the mayor of Vyshgorod, and Ukrainian celebrities. Everybody interested will have an opportunity to see the new picture and to take a photo with it.
The town dwellers and guests will be also delighted by music concert, photo contest, interesting activities from ТМ KOMPOZIT and prize drawing.
Everyone is welcome to dive into wonderful atmosphere of celebration, to get positive emotions and to take bright photos!

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