Arsenal Book Festival 2017

Arsenal Book Festival 2017

Arsenal Book Festival in Kyiv is the largest event in Ukraine where art and literature come together. This is major annual book- and literature-themed event in Eastern Europe, held since 2011. In 2017 Kyiv will be hosting the 7th Arsenal Book Festival, which will traditionally become a platform for writers, philosophers and artists, literary agents and book industry professionals from more than 20 countries to network and share their experience.

Arsenal Book Festival is aimed to promote Ukrainian literary environment and books’ market through international exchange and dissemination of best practices. Each year the festival brings together over 500 prominent Ukrainian and international writers, artists and experts in the publishing industry. Popular writers, philosophers, literary figures and artists from all over the world, as well as Ukrainian authors, will participate in the festival in 2017.
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Book Arsenal has a distinct interdisciplinary approach with a great variety of programs: literary, art, music, children and other. The Festival focuses on modernization of culture, on self-education and on making reading ever more popular. This year Book Arsenal presents an expanded international section.

Over 50 invited guests who are popular authors and prominent figures in the world of international literature will take part in Book Arsenal. The geography of the Arsenal Book Festival in 2017 is vast, the guests will be arriving from US, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Belgium, Romania and other countries. In 2017 Arsenal Book Festival will also start the tradition of hosting major international literature festivals. The first guests of this special program will be Birmingham Literature festival (in association with British Council Ukraine). The Birmingham Literature festival will present a diverse curator program in Ukraine. Among guests who will come to Kyiv during Birmingham Literature festival in Ukraine will be such popular writers as Joseph Prince McElroy (US), Askold Melnychuk (US), Jonathan Coe (Great Britain), Franz Goller (Switzerland), Martin Pollak (Austria), Zvonko Karanovych (Serbia), Karl Schlögel (Germany), Andrzej Friszke (Poland), Anna Höglund (Sweden), David Satter (US) and many others.


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The full program can be found here.  In 2017 Arsenal Book Festival will take place on May 17th - 21st at Mystetsky Arsenal (10-12, Lavrska street, Kyiv).
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