Best Jazz Clubs in Odessa

Best Jazz Clubs in Odessa

The charming and fancy sound of jazz music has always touched the deepest parts of human soul. All real jazz gourmands and those who are just interested to spend a nice evening listening to wonderful melodies are welcome to the best jazz clubs of sunny Odessa.

Perron No 7
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Perron No 7 is the first specialized jazz club in Odessa. The club occupies three floors, and each of them has its own purpose. The visitors will find here a chamber concert hall placed in a full-functional recording studio, a restaurant with is a chill-out lounge area and even a small hostel for six persons. The concerts are held in a room with special geometry, sound absorbing walls and special furniture, which help to create the best jazz sound. Perron No 7 is also used as a place for seminars, master-classes and co-working. This is the best area to relax in a calm atmosphere, try some good food of modern Odessa cuisine and meet creative intelligent people. And, of course, this is the right place to listen to some sophisticated authorial jazz.
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Address: 56, Mala Arnautska str., Odessa
Jazzy Buzzy
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Even the name of this cozy place implies a promise for a good jazz evening out. Jazzy Buzzy restaurant is located on one of the old streets in the center town of Odessa – Uspenska street. Interior design of Jazzy Buzzy hall keeps to classic American style of the beginning of XX century, creating a special mysterious atmosphere. In summertime, the visitors may enjoy dinner on the outdoor seating with trees and a beautiful fountain nearby. The menu of Jazzy Buzzy unites authentic Odessa dishes, European food, sushi and grill. The music lovers will be enthused by live concerts, performed by well-known masters of jazz scene as well as by modern rock and pop bands. 
Address: 19, Uspenska str., Odessa
Сentral Bar
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Central bar is located in the very heart of the city not far from the famous Potemkin stairs and monument of Ekaterina II. This bar, being one of jazz clubs in Odessa, is famous for its really specific feature – apart from being just a bar, it has a barbershop inside! After having a new modern haircut, the visitors can enjoy a variety of European and Asian dishes together with tasty cocktails and hookah. And, of course, live music is also present here. People love Central bar for well-known Odessa cover band “Monkey juice”, which often plays here. “Monkey Juice” performances include music compositions of different styles, and jazz is surely one of their favorites. 
Address: 3, Ekaterininskaya square, Odessa
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Odessa is considered as one of the main jazz cities on the territory of post-USSR, and sometimes it is even called “the capital of jazz”. For sure, melodies of this music style have already become a part of city spirit. All odessites and guests of Odessa are welcome to check it by visiting the best jazz clubs in Odessa. 
Photo source:, Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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