"Viennese Spring" concert will be held on April 19, 2018 at the October Palace, at 19:00 With the participation of Kyiv Metropolis Orchestra and amazing "Strauss XXI Century" headed by Maestro Kurt Schmid.

The fans of international rock and alternative music have waited for spring to come to Ukraine even more than others: after all, this April dwellers of Ukraine will see great stadium performances like 30 Seconds to Mars concert. Let’s see what else is hot in April 2018.

2018 started as a quite bountiful year for music scene in Ukraine: local concert halls and clubs met David Guetta and Bones, and many can't wait for X-Ambassadors, Gorillaz and Imagine Dragons. Each week seems to bring awesome news, so Destinations gathered even more announcements for 2018 concerts in Ukraine.

The legend of the world jazz, Arturo Sandoval from USA, will grace Kyiv during the ongoing big European tour. On March 2, October Palace will be filled with live passionate jazz performance.

Spring is universally known as a time for revival. What can be a better way to shake off the winter blues than listen to live music? Destinations picked the best concerts in Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa to help you find The One to unwind.

Each year more and more famous artists and bands discover that, in fact, they have a huge fan base in Ukraine. What a miracle it is when your favorite band finally decides to include your place of living in their tour. 2018 promises to be full of those miracles – check out which concerts are the most expected this year.

After the holidays and vacations end, we often feel like the routine smacks us in the face with its dullness and eventually everything feels like a Groundhog Day. Luckily, there are ways to brighten up the schedule, and nothing works better than live music. Let's see what concerts in February are the hottest.

Arturo Sandoval is one of the most dynamic and vivacious live performers of our time. He has been seen by millions at the Oscars, at the Grammy Awards and the Billboard Awards. In February 2018, the musician will visit Lviv with his solo concert.

January in Ukraine is a traditional holiday time, when all people try to have as much fun as possible, and visiting exciting music events is an integral part of the feast. In January 2018, concert schedule of Ukrainian capital offers shows of the biggest music stars as well as some great tribute concerts and other interesting music performances. Let`s check out the best January 2018 concerts in Kyiv.

Wonderful and feel-good experience for all ages, attending opera or ballet in Kyiv National Opera House is a great idea for spending winter-holiday evening. Guests will have a chance to enjoy all-time classic performances and Christmas-themed concerts. «Destinations» narrows down top December 2017 performances in Kyiv Opera House.

Our favorite winter holidays are on the way, and the spirit of celebration and fun is already in the air.  Undoubtedly, showy weeks of December are the right time for partying, dancing and listening to energizing music to keep the holiday mood. Check out the best December 2017 concerts in Kyiv, where you will enjoy the most exciting music vibes.

«Winter in Lviv starts with jazz», this is a popular saying that Lviv jazz enthusiasts know well. JazzBez festival is the oldest jazz festival in Lviv and perhaps in all of Ukraine. For numerous jazz fans, JazzBez is a good tradition to start the winter with the top-notch jazz and unique atmosphere of beautiful old Lviv.

This year, the National Opera of Ukraine in Kyiv celebrates its 150th anniversary. Just imagine – 150 years of excellent ballet and opera performances, that touched hearts of thousands grateful visitors! On occasion of this important jubilee, the new season in Kyiv Opera is going to be exceptionally bright and exciting. Check out the main upcoming opera and ballet performances at the National Opera of Ukraine in November 2017.

November can be fairly called the gloomiest month of the year. However, those who know how to have fun do not feel blue even in these chilly days. We are sure: going to an inspiring music show is one of the best ways to escape somberness of November days. Visit the best November 2017 concerts in Kyiv and let soul-touching melodies warm up your heart.

In the framework of his European tour, Pippo Pollina will present his music to the Ukrainian public. Concerts will take place in three big cities of the country: October 19 - in Lviv, October 21 - in Kyiv and October 23 - in Odesa.

In October, autumn begins to manifest itself with full measure, bringing cold weather, gray sky and pouring rain. The warm days are gone until next year, so we all feel the need for something that will cheer us up. Attending a bright music show is one of the best ways to stay positive and inspired, so let`s check out the list of October 2017 concerts in Kyiv.

Nino Katamadze, a famous Georgian singer and composer, is one of the most talented and emotional artists of modern jazz music. Performances of Nino have already won hearts of music fans not only in her homeland Georgia, but all over the world. Nino Katamadze performs and makes records together with Insight jazz band, headed by Gocha Kacheishvili. After their fantastical show on Atlas Weekend festival in Kyiv, Nino Katamadze & Insight are returning to Ukrainian capital with a big solo concert on September 28.

Hot summer has come to an end, but it is definitely not a reason to get sad and stop having fun! The first month of autumn is going to delight us with warm weather and golden leaves as well as with variety of musical events for any taste. Jazz, RNB, Rock… The list of bright Kyiv concerts in September 2017 offers something interesting for everyone.

The last and the hottest summer month is going to be full of bright impressions. Apart from relaxing beach days and outdoors picnics in nature with friends, there are also some interesting music events to come. All music fans who stay in Odesa and Lviv this August are welcome to enjoy exciting concerts and music parties.

August is usually the quietest month of summer in Kyiv – everyone goes on holidays. For those, who stay in the city, it is an amazing chance to rest from busy noisy life and enjoy few relaxing concerts that will suit long summer evenings in the capital.

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