Viennese Spring Concert in Kyiv

Viennese Spring Concert in Kyiv

"Viennese Spring" concert will be held on April 19, 2018 at the October Palace, at 19:00 With the participation of Kyiv Metropolis Orchestra and amazing "Strauss XXI Century" headed by Maestro Kurt Schmid.

An incomparable performance awaits for the guests. They can immerse in the true atmosphere of Viennese life and the incredible beauty of the Viennese waltz. Every project is unique, there will be introduced the new works of the legendary Strauss and the music of Kurt Schmid.

The maestro is a famous conductor and composer from Vienna. He is the founder of the Wiener Strauss Gala Orchestra. In Kyiv, the most famous works by J. Strauss, K. Schmid, F. Legard and other outstanding composers will be performed. Magic music will take guests to the cozy Austrian cafe, where everyone can feel the light aroma of chocolate and fragrant coffee and listen to the magic music.
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