Destinations Presentation in Canadian Club, Kyiv

Destinations Presentation in Canadian Club, Kyiv
Alexandra Brovko, Anna Ostapenko, Yulia Druzhinskaya (Radisson Blu Hotels)
Alina Fedorova and Natalia Zhatkina
Anastasia Cherenko (Danon Ukraine), Inna Nagrebelnaya (Edipresse Ukraine), Natalia Kovalchuk (Danon)
Anastasia Ignatenko, Irina Druchuk (Lara Schon)
Anna Vrasiy (Ajour)
Ekaterina Bakumenko (Universal McCann) & Natalia Skoromnaya (Edipresse Media)
Elena Lagodyuk (AHAVA)
Irina Varagash (Ekonia) & Inna Nagrebelnaya (EdipresseUkraine)
Ksenia Voloshina (Viallant Group)
Maria Martynenko & Ekaterina Malinskaya (Berkana Beauty)
Nadezhda Subbotina (Edipresse Media) and Andrey Romanenko with his wife Karina (Dievo)
Natalia Sypchenko (Olfa)
Natalia Vlasyuk (Edipresse Ukraine), Olga Kosinskaya (VT Holding) & Irina Melnik (Edipresse Ukraine)
Olga Voronova (Group M) with Aptiva Gift
Svetlana Grekova (Coral Travel), Lesya Djemesyuk (Edipresse Media), Marina Tonkaya (Coral Travel)
Violetta Skodorova (Media Press)
Anna Vishtak, Natalia Boyko and Svetlana Storozhuk (Edipresse Ukraine)
Natalia Boyko, Svetlana Storozhuk, Tatiana Suvak, Anna Vishtak, Yaroslav Zaychuk, Viktoria Serkina (Edipresse Ukraine)
Anna Vishtak and Tatiana Suvak (Edipresse Ukraine)
Natalia Boyko, Inna Katiushchenko and Anna Vishtak (Edipresse Ukraine)
Inna Katiushchenko (Edipresse Ukraine CEO)
Sam Kearley, Svetlana Storozhuk, Anna Vishtak, Nigel Thwaites, Elena Dovzhenko, Victoria Kharchenko and Anna-Maria Lazarovych
Al Koch, Anna Vishtak, George Lupascu-Pruna, Svetlana Storozhuk, Sven Henniger, Ivo Kyumyurdjiev and his wife Denislava
Elena Oleynik and Oxana Tolkachova
Anna Vishtak
Natalia Borisenko with her colleague
Arina Domski
Irina Melnik, MC Roman Mikhno and Natalia Vlasyuk
Oleg and Inna Katiushchenko


On November 23, 2016 project was presented in Canadian Club Restaurant, Kyiv.


The presentation was opened with welcome drink and finger snacks for guests - representatives of business elite of the city. Pleasant music, nice atmosphere and informal talks were a good start of the event.
Roman Makhno, the MC of the evening, invited Inna Katiushchenko, Edipresse Ukraine CEO, to welcome the guests.
LAR 4341

“We created this project with big love. And the main accent we made on people – the opinion leaders in our country. Their experience of living and making business in Ukraine is worth sharing with the big audience, especially with the English speaking one. We felt that there is a necessity to create a magazine in English because there are not so many sources of information for foreigners in our country yet”, - said Inna Katiushchenko.

The editor-in-chief of Anna Vishtak has shared with guests her hope that the project will have more fans all over the world thanks to high level content and feedbacks of the readers. 
LAR 4494
The great atmosphere of the evening was complemented by Arina Domski, talented Ukrainian singer with mesmerizing and charming voice. 

Guests of the party could enjoy the live communication, photo-zone and raffle of business cards with some pleasant intrigue. But the main present to all guests of the evening was the print version of Destinations magazine. Bright, stylish and informative, it reflects modern lifestyle in Ukraine. English and Russian language texts make it attractive to foreign readers. The magazine is going to be published quarterly.
LAR 4381

In the end of the evening all the guests were given gift pack, containing Destinations magazine and APIVITA gift set.
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