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Summer moves on, continuing to delight us with perfect weather, good mood and new experiences. Those who spend summer in a big city as Kyiv have even more benefits – they have the widest choice of exciting events to attend. Let`s see what`s going on in Ukrainian capital on the fourth weekend of sunny June 2018.

It seems that there is no single person left in Kyiv who has not heard about the upcoming multicultural festival BELIVE, and it`s no wonder: the program of the event is so diverse that it attracts the maximal number of visitors. The fest will have 10 separate zones, including 3 stages. So what to do and to listen and how to avoid getting lost at such a big event? Let`s consider each of BELIVE festival zones in detail.

Every weekend of the long-awaited summer is already a pleasure in itself, but attending interesting events in the city makes it even more exciting. What can be better than enjoying music, exhibitions, festivals and fairs on a warm June day? Almost nothing! So let`s check out the best events of June 16-17, 2018 in Kyiv that are worth our attention.

On June 10th Famille Très Français for the fourth time is holding one of the biggest events of the city - Kostolna Street Festival - Francophonie Day.

Hot days have finally come, so we feel completely ready for adventures and partying! In summer 2018, we are welcome to join bright thematic festivals all over Ukraine. There are so many options that we might feel like kids in a candy store: colorful Holi, crazy night disco parties, smooth sound of jazz and classic music, retro cars, silent cinema and many other… Let`s learn more details about the best June 2018 festivals in Ukraine!

On the last weekend of May, Ukrainian capital traditionally celebrates the City Day. As usual, many bright events dedicated to this holiday will take place on Kyiv streets. The grand 8-hour long concert on Khreschatyk, the main street of the capital, will surely be one of the most exciting of them. On May 27, the great show will take place on a large open-air stage near Kyiv State Administration at the address Khreschatyk, 36. Let`s see which talented artists are going to delight us with their perfect voices and music.

This month has begun with grand celebrations of the Day of Lviv and towards the end of May, the capital of Ukraine will celebrate its own big date — the 1536th anniversary of Kyiv. The massive celebrations will take place on May 27 and will include various festive events from live music on Sofiiska Square to food festivals and a charity race.

May 17th is Ukraine’s Vyshyvanka Day, a national holiday which salutes the traditional embroidered garment. And without any doubt, vyshyvanka truly deserves it! The embroidered, centuries-old frock (as well as a shirt) made from forbidden symbol of Ukrainian national identity during gruesome Soviet oppression to the most chic and fashionable wardrobe item far past the Ukrainian borders. 

Summer is a time for countless food & drinks festivals in Ukraine, and 2018 isn’t an exception. The mere three months hold grand events like Upark festival where Gorillaz and Massive Attack will first perform in Kyiv and the lesser-known cultural events that aren’t any less intriguing. Sure enough, various food festivals are also in. Destinations gathered top-10 best festivals to attend in summer 2018 in Ukraine.

Hryshko National Botanical Garden located on Pechersk traditionally shines in the limelight when spring comes around. This time, the reason is the new landscape festival that will show 18 eco-friendly compositions made by the winners of the “Green Card into the Future” contest.

Way back in cold March the founder of Ulichnaya Eda food fest has announced a new bright summer event – BeLIVE festival that will take place at the Olimpiyskiy Stadium in Kyiv. The event had been wrapped in mystery for almost a month, and only recently eager audience found out that Jamiroquai and Hurts would be among the headliners of the event. Sure enough, they're not the only ones worth attention.

WWII Victory Day is a national holiday in Ukraine on May 9 to remember victory over the Nazi regime during World War II and commemorate war victims. This holiday has complicated and controversial history in Ukraine, find out why.

May in Ukraine is one of the loveliest periods of the year, when the weather is warm, trees are blooming and the spirit of holidays and celebrations is in the air. In these wonderful days, we want to enjoy our life to the fullest, and visiting interesting cultural events and festivals is surely a great way to achieve this goal. Let`s see what bright happenings of May 2018 in Ukraine are worth our attention.

Town Day is internationally known as a celebration of love and pride for your place of living, and dwellers of Lviv are no strangers to this concept. This year, the city of lions celebrates 762 years since its founding with a rich festive program. Orchestras performing on the city’s streets, various food spots and flash mobs are merely a part of what’s in for the May 4-6 weekend.

Despite the weather fluctuations, spring still stays the most fitting time to shed the blankets we wrapped around ourselves in winter and set off to explore the surroundings. After all, in almost half a year Kiev has seen openings of various fine dining spots, exhibitions, and even department stores. Sure enough, festivals grab attention as well — from culture to entertainment, these events in spring gather both dwellers of Kiev and tourists. Let’s check out the top-5 festivals that will take place in the capital this spring.

After the lingering cold winter, the heat and feeling the rays of sunshine on your skin feel like a real blessing. It is especially true for Ukraine, where snow wasn’t about to leave until well into spring. Luckily, May, known as the month of holidays is nearing to bring perfect opportunities to catch up on fascinating events and festivals in the country. Let’s check out what to do and see during May holidays 2018 in Ukraine.

Awesome news for the lovers of nightlife and unique festivals, the wild Burning Man festival, comes to Ukraine in form of its official event — Precompression Pre-Party. This May, dwellers of Kyiv and guests of the capital will have a chance to catch the vibe and find their inspiration at the VDNKH Expocenter of Ukraine.

When it comes to flowers, spring is truly unstoppable: there might be piles of snow lying around in every corner, but city dwellers will snatch a bouquet or two to put in water in their apartment, while those who live in the country already marvel at their garden. This April dwellers of Kyiv have a chance to marvel as well: Spivoche Pole hosts a flower festival, where tulips of all shades and sorts will charm their way into visitor’s hearts.

Hardly anything can be better to celebrate the long-awaited coming of spring than a grand festival, full of street performances, music concerts, cultural events and, of course, culinary delights. This year, 15-th French Spring will take place in 9 Ukrainian cities and start on March 31 in Kyiv with a spectacular performance. Let’s check out what’s in store.

April marks one of the most important holidays for Christians all over the world, and Ukraine isn’t an exception of celebrating Easter with great measure of festiveness. The holiday usually brings over long-awaited spring weather, which is especially longed for in 2018, as well as the end of Great Lent, which means various delicious dishes. Let’s see how Ukraine will celebrate Easter in 2018.

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