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This summer for many music fans is marked with a grand UPark festival, when famous bands like Gorillaz and Massive Attack will light up Kyiv's music scene with their hits. Recently, a founder of Ulichnaya Eda food fest announced a new festival – Belive, planned to take place at the Olimpiyskiy Stadium this June. Let's find out what's so special about it.

The coming of spring after a long and cold winter is a festive event in itself! However, attending plenty of bright festivals makes it even more delightful. Would you like to greet the upcoming spring while taking part in a historical festival, listening to jazz, drinking excellent wine, riding a snowboard or having fun at a humor parade? March 2018 festivals in Ukraine offer numerous exciting options to start spring season in the most enjoyable way.

On March 8, in the very beginning of spring, Ukrainians traditionally celebrate the day of all women. This date, historically dedicated to women`s rights, nowadays is also a holiday to appreciate each woman`s beauty and tenderness. In 2018, March 8 falls on Thursday, so we are preparing for an additional day off in the middle of the working week to greet all the lovely ladies as well as to celebrate the coming of long-awaited spring. Let`s see what interesting events will take place in Kyiv on 2018 Women`s Day.

This spring, Kharkiv welcomes locals and tourists to its Music Fest, which promises to open eyes on classical music and show how different it can be. If you still consider that classical music is sleep-inducing, this event might change your mind for good. Performed as a comedy musical or live in malls, at markets, at the airport, train stations or even in the subway, music will fill the streets of Kharkiv, as well as listeners' hearts.

Masliana, or Shrovetide, is one of the most spectacular and awaited holidays in Ukraine. The reason lies not only in a huge number of pancakes made and eaten during the week, or ethnic celebrations with lots of dancing and songs. Masliana is a holiday that historically welcomed spring to the Slavic lands. Let's see where celebrations are the most spectacular this year.

The great holiday of Masliana, or Shrovetide, is around the corner! On this occasion, Kyiv dwellers prepared a bunch of traditional celebrations with rites and, of course, delicious quirk of the holiday — pancakes. Have you ever had rainbow pancakes? It's a perfect occasion to try.

The most romantic holiday of the year is just around the corner, and those who have met their second half are hurrying up to prepare an interesting program. Of course, to organize unique and unforgettable Love Day, it is reasonable to search for outstanding options. What about thematic sport event or erotic art exhibition? This year, Kyiv offers its dwellers and guests plenty of interesting ideas for the Valentine`s Day.

The popular place of folk holidays and performances, Kievan Rus park will hold the World of Horses show-exhibition on a chilly February weekend. Unlike the other events typical for the place, the main characters won't be humans, but their loyal companions — horses from the Princely Stable of Ancient Kyiv.

On January 19th Orthodox Christians celebrate Epiphany Day. The priests make a sanctification of water in the rivers and lakes and then brave people can plunge into water 3 times. Christians believe that this helps to get rid of all sins and illnesses, to clean the body and soul and to start new period of life with God’s blessings.

Orthodox Christmas holidays in Lviv is a merry affair. Every year this city in the Western Ukraine attracts thousands of visitors, who are looking to experience the magical winter fairy tale in the heart of the medieval town filled with European Christmas atmosphere.
«Destinations» brings you a list of Christmas festivities happening in Lviv over the upcoming weekend.

As usual, January is the peak season of winter holidays and festivals in Ukraine. Thousands people all around the country celebrate New Year and Christmas and have lots of fun in all possible ways. Christmas fairs, historical festivals, music concerts and many other interesting events wait for everyone! Let`s see which January 2018 festivals in Ukraine we can visit to enjoy merry holiday period to the fullest extent.

Kyiv and especially Lviv are home to many Catholic Christians, who will be celebrating Christmas on December 25th. These cities are also two of the most popular travel destinations of Eastern Europe, which means there will be many international guests, who’d like to visit traditional Christmas mass on December 24th and 25th. «Destinations» gathered together most up-to-date information on Advent and Christmas Masses Schedule 2017 in Roman Catholic Churches of Kyiv and Lviv. 


New Year and especially Christmas are most popular and most beloved holidays in Ukraine. Both have a long history and a special set of traditions and rituals, all of which allow to explore a unique Ukrainian cultural identity that miraculously survived on the outskirts of modern Europe.

Find festive entertainment for your little ones with «Destinations»’ guide to New Year and Christmas performances for kids in Kyiv. Help make winter holidays even more magical while they're still gullible with a festive theatre show created especially with small people in mind. Treat your kids to a pre-Christmas present with one of Kyiv's excellent variety of shows for your kids.

For Ukrainians Christmas is the most important family holiday of the whole year. It is celebrated solemnly, as well as merrily, according to ancient customs that have come down through the ages and are still observed today. Christmas greetings are also very important tradition in Ukraine. In case you want to greet your local friends, we’ll tell you how this can be made in Ukrainian style.

With the holiday season under way and Christmas and the New Year just around the corner, December is the perfect time to discover new places and enjoy every moment of holiday season. Whether you’d like to be sipping mulled wine at Lviv’s iconic Christmas market on Rynok Square or go to the mountains for spectacular winter scenery and skiing, here are some ideas for where to go in December in Ukraine.

Ukrainians like to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with friends and family. And in spite of freezing temperatures, they often toast the New Year outdoors, when the sky lights up by fireworks.

Lviv gets exceptionally magical in winter. To set you in that special Christmas mood, "Destinations" rounded up a list of Interesting December 2017 events in Lviv.

Thanksgiving Day is a traditional holiday, celebrated in the USA and in Canada. According to an old tradition, on Thanksgiving Day all generations of a family gather at one table, and each person expresses gratitude for all the good things that have happened to him/her during this year. Thanksgiving Day is a favorite event for many people, including those who live far from home, for example, in Kyiv. So how to celebrate Thanksgiving 2017 in Ukrainian capital?

Trick or treat! All Saints` Eve, better known in Ukraine as Halloween, is on the way. This unusual American holiday, traditionally celebrated on October 31, became popular in our country only a few years ago. However, it is already highly appreciated by young people, who just love to dance all night in the costumes of zombies and vampires. Let us check the best thematic events for upcoming Halloween in Kyiv 2017.

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