5 Spring Festivals in Kiev 2018

5 Spring Festivals in Kiev 2018

Despite the weather fluctuations, spring still stays the most fitting time to shed the blankets we wrapped around ourselves in winter and set off to explore the surroundings. After all, in almost half a year Kiev has seen openings of various fine dining spots, exhibitions, and even department stores. Sure enough, festivals grab attention as well — from culture to entertainment, these events in spring gather both dwellers of Kiev and tourists. Let’s check out the top-5 festivals that will take place in the capital this spring.

French Spring

Sure enough, the chart starts with the loudest cultural event of spring — French Spring festival. The loud performance on the fest’s opening gathered thousands on Sofiivka Square, and various events dedicated to French and francophone culture continue to grab attention ever since. Destinations prepared a guide of the festival, where everyone can find something up to their taste. To give an idea, in spring 2018 guests will be able to attend concerts of jazz and classical music, visit multiple photos and art exhibitions, as well as attend a culinary festival to enjoy the wonders of French cuisine in Kiev.
When: March 30 — April 30
Where: multiple locations
Kurazh Bazar Jazz Only Edition
It’s quite easy to track the coming of spring with Kurazh Bazar festival comeback in Kiev. According to the fest’s founders, the new event that will take place on a hot April weekend is going to be the first event of Kurazh Bazar dedicated solely to jazz culture. The traditional fest space Art-zavod Platforma will be filled with improvisations of jazz motifs from the best musicians, as well as the cocktail classics prepared on the specially-installed bar. The light atmosphere and cultural enrichment easily answer the eternal ‘where to go for a weekend in Kiev’. The entrance is free for those celebrating their birthday and children under 12 years old.
When: April 21 — 22
Where: Art-zavod Platforma
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Kiev Lights Festival
A famous world initiative, Festival of Lights isn't the first-timer in Kiev — it was implemented in the entertainment program of Eurovision 2017 and instantly gained massive success. The festival is aimed at the development of media-art, as well as showing the public the true abilities of new technologies. This spring, Kiev Lights Festival 2018 will feature an international contest of 3D video mapping — artists from all over the world will compete to show the best projection on the Kiev River Port building. Guests of the show will have a chance to witness this competition firsthand. The entrance is free.
When: May 18 — 20
Where: Sofiyivska, Mykhailivs'ka and Poshtova Squares, TSUM Department Store, 1-23 Andriivs'kyi descent, Park Landscape Alley, Saint Vladimir Hill and Pedestrian Bridge
Kiev Beer Festival Vol.2
Spring is a time of revival, and not only for nature, but our taste buds as well. This year the team of the famous Ulichnaya Eda organizes several smaller food & drink festivals, dedicated to separate products: for instance, the first spring event was Coffee Festival held in Kiev, that gathered die-hard fans of the beverage. Next on the line is Kiev Beer festival that will take place in May at the well-known location Art-zavod Platforma. The event is aimed at ruining the stereotype about beer as a ‘non-fancy’ drink and introducing visitors to its culture and rich flavors.
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After all, many people do not suspect that Ukraine has countless private breweries, which make exclusive beer that is way more than just a trend. Luckily, many find their recognition — for instance, the famous Tsypa brewery went from a local Carpathian business to one of the most well sold craft beers in Ukraine. Kiev Beer Festival will explore more hidden gems, and abundance of various dishes on the food court promises a great weekend.
When: May 19 — 20
Where: Art-zavod Platforma
Kiev Art Week Festival
One more place to visit on weekend this spring is Kiev Art Week festival. This yearly event, held in the capital of Ukraine, is dedicated to various themes concerning Ukrainian art space. This year, the festival is focused on integrating Soviet-era monuments in the urban Kiev space, which is one of the most discussed topics in contemporary culture. Visitors will be able to witness works of more than 30 leading Ukrainian and foreign galleries on the traditional part of the fest’s program — Kiev Art Fair, hosted by Toronto-Kiev business center right near the St. Nicholas Cathedral.
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Taking into consideration that last year the festival boasted of presenting Picasso and Banksy, guests can expect something just as grandeur this spring. The event is kid-friendly, so various entertainment events and concerts for kids included in the fest’s program will be a good occasion to go out with family in Kiev.
When: May 23 — 27
Where: Toronto-Kiev Business Center
Naturally, such culturally rich city as Kiev has way more than just 5 events — after all, spring is a festival of its own with nature’s awakening and smiles finally finding their way on passers-by faces.
Photo source: French Spring, Kyiv Lights Festival Facebook pages, unsplash.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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