May Burning Man Pre-Party in Kyiv

May Burning Man Pre-Party in Kyiv

Awesome news for the lovers of nightlife and unique festivals, the wild Burning Man festival, comes to Ukraine in form of its official event — Precompression Pre-Party. This May, dwellers of Kyiv and guests of the capital will have a chance to catch the vibe and find their inspiration at the VDNKH Expocenter of Ukraine.

The Burning Man festival dates way back to 1986 when its co-founders Larry Harvey and Jerry James burned a 9-foot wooden man on the San Francisco beach on the summer solstice. Ever since the festival transformed and even formulated 10 guidelines, which state that everyone can join the community and inspire themselves as well as others.
One of the most important principles of the festival and its events is the absence of commercial profit: no advertisement, no sponsors, no imposing. Instead, the festival shifts focus to art and creativity, sharing impressions and experiences.
The Precompression party in Kyiv will follow these rules as well: to attend the event, you need to take part in it firsthand as a performer, musician, lecturer, artist or a volunteer. The application process will last until April 20. This year’s festival topic is Artificial Intelligence, which logically corresponds to the 2018 Burning Man’s theme — “I, Robot”. The festival will take place at the VDNKH Expocenter of Ukraine, namely in the art platform Pavilion #13.
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The first event plans to host from 200 to 500 people opposed to the rave scale of the Burning Man. Besides, all profit from the tickets will cover the festival’s expenses as well as art-grants for the projects.
You can register at
When: May 26
Where: Expocenter of Ukraine
Price: determined individually by the applicant
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