Pivdenfest 2016 in Odessa

Pivdenfest 2016 in Odessa

Pivdenfest 2016 in Odessa is the main musical event of this summer. The show is performed in open air. Festival's line-up includes Ukrainian and foreign celebrities.

The visitors of the festival will see the air-show, enjoy the Odessa views while jumping from the parachute.vThree days of «Pivdenfest» will gather a lot of celebrities and bring the unforgettable feelings.
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The tent-place for comfortable stay of guests from other places will be set up. Modern live on-air music in a great friendly atmosphere will make your weekends unforgettable. The festival will offer three stages:
-Black stage
-Green stage
-White stage
Fest's line-up will include the following artists:
«Sale Only»; «DETACH»; «5 Vymir»; «The Vernal (HU) »; «Omega Diatribe (HU) »; «MegamasS»; «Колір»; «Epolets»; «Vivienne Mort»; «Faminehill (HU) »; «MadNotBad»; «Have No Clue (HU) »; «AKUTE (BY) »; «Комната Гретхен»; «Skinhate»; «COLAARS».
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Where: Hydroport airdrome, Odessa.
When: 15-17 of July, 2016. Start at 10:00 a.m.
Price: from UAH 280

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