“Winter Country” on VDNKh

“Winter Country” on VDNKh

VDNKh is a permanent general purpose trade show and amusement park that exists in every ex-Soviet Union country.

In Kyiv this exhibition center turned into “Winter Country” on December 5; and it is planned that its gate will be open for visitors till the early spring.
“Winter Country” is an entertainment complex for adults and children. A huge skating area of 4000 sq. meters, 12-meter ice slides and Santa Claus residence are placed over here. Christmas Fair, food courts and a children's pavilion will also work on the territory.
Twice a day, starting from December 19, guests will be able to enjoy "Guardians of dreams" 3D-show in a completely new “Concert Hall Exhibition Center" (Hall #7).
You can find a lot of nice alleys, small cafes, and a horse stable on the VDNKh territory and spend nice time with friends or family here any time of year.
Price: UAH 25-200

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