Lviv Candles Festival

Lviv Candles Festival

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Candle Festival which marks the start of the winter festive season in the capital of Western Ukraine is one of the newest and most beautiful festivals in Ukraine. Lviv has seen many festivals, however this one is somehow special, locals say. Come and see for yourself the magic of medieval city being revealed in the blinking lights of hundreds candles.

Lviv Candles Festival will take place on Museum Square. The location is what partly made this festival Lviv’s favorite. The majority of the Lviv festivals are taking place on Ploshcha Rynok (or Rynok Square) or Svobody Avenue. With years most of the festivals turned into busy and somewhat commercialized events unlike Lviv Candle Festival.

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Museum Square (the square in front of the Dominican Cathedral) has a chamber and magical atmosphere of the medieval city. The lights of hundreds of candles are reflecting against stone walls of Lviv’s most beautiful Dominical Cathedral and oldest stone houses in Lviv. Lviv Candles Festival is hosted by Lviv Candle Manufacture, which is located on Museum Square. Candle Manufacture occupies a corner house of the square and offers a cozy cafe, outdoor mini-stage for live gigs and aromatic hot drinks and delicious pastries.

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You can explore beautiful handcrafted candles at the candles exhibition, buy any site, you liked with the special 20% discount or bring your own candle and put in among hundreds of others to contribute to this magical event.
Lviv Candles Festival will take place in Lviv, on Museum Square from November 11th to November 13th. There will be various candle-making workshops, live music band gigs and a lot of aromatic coffee and mulled wine.
Photo: Lviv Candle Manufacture Facebook Page

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