Nick Vuychich in Ukraine for Thanksgiving Day

Nick Vuychich in Ukraine for Thanksgiving Day
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September 17, 2017 Nick Vuychich, legendary man, world-famous motivational speaker, a man without arms and legs, will come to Ukraine.

International Thanksgiving Day still is not so popular in Ukraine. Perhaps, it happens due difficult times for Ukrainians: war, unemployment, rising prices, depressing pensions, fear for tomorrow and many other problems are a heavy load on the shoulders of people. However, this year on September 17, for the Thanksgiving holiday, Nick Vuychich - a special guest will come to Ukraine. 

Despite physical limitations, Nick easily operates the keyboard of the computer, plays football, swims, surfs, jumps with a parachute, drives a car. The productivity of this person can be envied by everyone: he manages “Life without Limbs”, the non-profit organization created to help people with disabilities. He performs about 250 times a year from the stage, wrote several books that instantly became bestsellers, starred in movies, became the hero of famous talk shows, ranked among the top ten influential people on the Planet. He is married and has two sons. Nick says that all of this he has only thanks to his faith in God. 
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Over the past two years, Ukrainians have been able to see and to talk to Nick Vuychich three times. During previous trips, he spoke to thousands of audiences, was a guest at business lunches, a participant in press conferences and talk shows. Nick has met the heroes of the multimedia project "Peremozhtsi" (Winners Ukr.) who lost limbs in the war, but did not lose heart. With his example, Nick was able to inspire and change the lives of these people. His incredible wisdom, personal example and passionate love for Ukrainians will be the most important part of Thanksgiving Day this year, as he has decided to come again to Ukraine to encourage Ukrainians during this difficult time of war and crisis.

Autumn visit of Nick to Ukraine will be different from all others. September 17 at 18:30 will be a charity performance of Nick in the center of Kyiv at Khreshchatyk street. Over 500 000 people will gather at the festival, and thanks to the live broadcast of the television channel "Nadiya" they will listen to a man's legend and to 20 more countries will have the possibility to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with Ukrainians.

This time Nick will share his main secret of the success of life without limits - it's faith in God, faith in yourself, faith in the dream and how to be strong in difficult times. He knows the secret of how to be a Winner, when everyone sees you as a loser. This is the power, faith and love that live inside of Nick. This is what did not break him, saved from life in humiliation, oppression and raised to the heights. You are welcome to become a part of this large-scale event for the inspiration and renewal!

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