“Paris in a gift-wrapping” book presentation

“Paris in a gift-wrapping” book presentation

Last week in Kiev there was a press lunch with the writer Irina Filipova and representatives of publishing houses dedicated to “Paris in a gift-wrapping” new book.

Irina Filipova graduated from Kiev Shevchenko University; she is Doctor of Philology and a member of Ukrainian and French Departments of Harvard Business Club.

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She has been involved in distribution of French selective perfumery and cosmetics for more than 15 years. Currently Irina Filipova is business development director of a large audit and consulting company. Being the wife of Ukrainian diplomat she lived for many years in France. She is much involved in the history and culture of this country.

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“Paris in a gift-wrapping” book “opens the door" into the history of France, couture fashion, gastronomic traditions and rules of etiquette, cozy cafes and haute cuisine; it introduces French stars; nearby castles and not well known unique museums are mixed in this book like many pieces of one puzzle.

This is an easy-reading and entertaining guide book based on historical sources and personal experience which gives about a hundred “must go” addresses of Paris. It offers a "gift" version of the city, a dream and an opportunity to know “different Paris” that you haven’t seen yet.

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