"Peremozhtsі" social project

"Peremozhtsі" social project

"Peremozhtsі" (Winners) is a Social media project organized by 1+1 TV channel and VIVA! Magazine with the support of «Save Lives Together» Charity Fund and "Pidmoha.info" NGO.

The project is dedicated to the heroes of ATO who lost their limbs in the events in eastern Ukraine.
“Viva! Peremozhtsі " special issue as well as photo exhibition at Taras Shevchenko Museum (12, Taras Shevchenko Blvd, Kiev) are dedicated especially to this subject. Photo exhibition will take place on February 3-21.
18 amazing and touching stories will be presented in «Viva! Peremozhtsі” special issue. They will be illustrated by works of Alexander Morderer, well-known Ukrainian photographer. Photos prove that people with prostheses are the real ones: happy, handsome and full of energy.
Ivanna Slaboshpitska VIVA! chief editor: "Despite the fact that VIVA! is a glossy magazine we can’t stand apart from the events that take place in our country. The main objective of "Peremozhtsі" project is to change society's attitude to people who have lost limbs, so that they should not cause pity or sympathy, but to be perceived and treated as equals. And Ukraine must know its heroes who sacrificed themselves for the sake of our country and our freedom."
Proceeds will be invested in development of modern prostheses in Ukraine.


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