“Viva!” magazine invited celebrities to the official banquet in Georgian style

Viva! сhief editor Ivanna Slaboshpitskaya and Georgia's Ambassador in Ukraine Mikheil Ukleba
the emcee of the party Alexander Skichko
Viva! chief editor Ivanna Slaboshpitskaya
Mila Nitich the singer
Arina Domski - a Ukrainian singer (soprano)
choreographers Aliona Shoptenko and Dmitry Dikusar
journalist Katia Osadcha
Georgian Ambassador in Ukraine Mikheil Ukleba
Viva! cake

The formal party dedicated to the "Georgian" issue of “Viva!” magazine took place at the Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine on December, 15.

The event was held in cozy atmosphere. Representatives of embassies, businessmen and the Ukrainian show business celebrities were invited.
At the beginning of the party Mikheil Ukleba, the Ambassador of Georgia in Ukraine, made a welcome speech. Afterwards, the emcee of the party Alexander Skichko offered quiz about Georgia and the drawing of valuable prizes of Panasonic brand.
YanAir Airline that carries out flights from Kyiv to Georgia has raffled off two free flight tickets from Kyiv to Batumi as a prize.
Mila Nitich, the well-known singer, performed tender songs in three languages, i.e. Ukrainian, English and French. “Je suis malade” composition of the legendary Dalida by Mila Nitich sounded especially impressive. Loud applause was the best reward for the singer.
"Nika” Georgian restaurant offered food and drinks for the guests that evening. A huge cake made by DGF International Culinary School decorated with the Viva!’s logo was the last tasty surprise of that evening.
Event sponsor: Panasonic
Event partners: Bazaleti Georgian champagne, Pepsico in Ukraine and "Borjomi" TM.

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