Rezidor Hotel Group with its Radisson Blu chain over the world is famous with modern approach to high level service and comfort for the guests. Radisson Blu Resort, Bukovel is not the exception. This summer the hotel gets the new general manager Carlo Khalife, with whom we’ve met while his stay in Kyiv.

Destinations met the charming Ukrainian ladies who set up a new brand of clothes and accessories, which got recognizable in a short time and won the love of the women half of the country. We learned first-hand all about Couture de Fleur, the secrets of the success of those talented women and about the collections-to-come.

Catherine Gfeller is world famous artist, photographer and charming lady. Born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, she currently lives and works in Paris and southern France after having lived in New York from 1995 to 1999. Catherine has exhibited extensively in Switzerland, France, Italy, England, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Argentina, Chile, Canada, the United States and South Africa. Her works are in private and public collections all over the world. She regularly takes part in Art Fairs, such as ArtBasel, Kunst Zurich, Armory Show, la Fiac, Ljubjana Biennale and Art Bruxelles. This May she’s visited Kyiv preparing her future art project which will be presented in December 2017 in this city. We met with charming Catherine for a cup of coffee on a great sunny day in the very downtown of Kyiv.

Dr. Christoph Späti, Deputy Head of Mission and Counsellor at the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine and Moldova, has been living in Kyiv for a couple of years already with his wife Tamar and their three children. Tamar and Christoph surprised me by telling me that it was their preferred choice to come to live to Ukraine. Why did they make such a decision and are they still happy living in the biggest country of Eastern Europe where political, economic and social changes are taking place?

Aurel Aebi is one of the founders of “Atelier Oï” that was established in 1991 in La Neuveville, Switzerland. The design studio conveys the dynamism and holistic energy generated by a trio of talented partners: Aurel, Armand Louis and Patrick Raymond. On an international scale “Atelier Oï” work ranges from architecture and interior design to product design and scenography. Ikea, Hermès, Bulgari, Swatch, Foscarini, B&B Italia, Louis Vuitton and many others are among their clients. I was lucky to meet Aurel and to ask him a couple of questions about modern design while his short visit with lecture to Kyiv.

Pavlo and Dmytro are men of actions, not words, seafarers and pioneers, people who glorify Ukraine in the eyes of the whole world. They are men of incredible inner strength and unbending will. The father and son have already written their pages in the history of the conquest of the oceans, but this is only the middle way.

Photo by Roman Orel
Recently famous American artist Aaron Li-Hill visited the capital of Ukraine and created a very special mural at the Polytechnic University as a part of Mural Social Club Festival. ‘Destinations’ has a chance to meet the artist for an exclusive interview.

Environment Health and Safety professional at LGM International, one of co-founders of MultiNations Kyiv, John Jones shares his impressions about life in the Ukrainian capital with Destinations’ readers.

The President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine Andy Hunder shares his vision about Ukraine with the readers of Destinations.

It is a city of Galician princes, Polish kings, and Austrian emperors. It is a city of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and Stanislaw Lem, Ivan Franko and Roman Viktyuk, Solomiia Krushelnytska and Volodymyr  Ivasiuk. Who can tell about the city better than those who were born in it, who grew up or studied there? Ukrainian celebrities talk about “their city" for whom Lviv is not just a tiny dot on the map.

Olena Onufriv is the well-known Ukrainian artist and the owner of Couture de FIleur brand. Her works are full of positive energy and are really beautiful.

We hope that this quick-fire quiz of successful foreign businessmen in Ukraine can help other entrepreneurs from abroad to set up their business in this country.

The associate professor of Lviv Ivan Franko National University, in 1999 Ihor Lylo has defended a thesis and is the author of "Touring Lviv", "A motorcar trip through  Ukraine” guides. He is a co-author of "Our Lviv" and "Our Chernivtsi" DVD-projects. Ihor is a co-owner of an excursion studio and the author of “Lviv cuisine” book. We are happy to share with you our conversation with Ihor about Lviv city.

We’ve met with Dmytro Sholomko, Director of Google Ukraine, in the office at Podil in Kyiv, just in the first days of 2017. It was very quiet there - some employees were at Christmas vacation still. Dmytro offered me to take a look at some rooms of Google Ukraine and to choose a place where we can have a sit and talk. Well, Google office in Kyiv keeps its reputation of innovative and extraordinary one with comfortable zones and inspiring areas for creativity and work. Our interview with Dmytro turned to be inspiring as well!

Lidia Selianko is a young, but talented artist. She owns the collection of awards. Lidia participated into numerous international exhibitions. Her works evoke the most positive emotions, give joy and inspiration. We talked with Lidia in one of Kyiv's cafes about her perception of art.

She is very famous painter in Ukraine and also abroad. Her works are full of happiness and positive messages and send out light and warmth. And it has been always like this.

She conquered the stages of Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan, China, and Korea. Ballet public from all over the world loves and admires her. The Honored Artist of Ukraine, prime-ballerina of the National Opera of Ukraine – Ekaterina Kukhar – tells about her life, her mission, grateful spectators, ballet duet with her husband Alexander Stoyanov and her children.

While talking to Steven Fisher, CEO of Citibank Ukraine and Chairman of Board of American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, you really feel his commitment to this country and his perception of Ukraine is worth sharing.

Photo: Anna Vishtak
Nowadays there are foreigners living in Ukraine and making their own input in terms of changing the country for the better. But also they search for the better ways for their own success in business in Ukraine. How is it to integrate into another culture and how can we do it in the best way to get all possible profits? Are we all so different and what approach can help us to succeed in a new country, in a new culture? That was the topic of our conversation with George Lupascu-Pruna.

Every time when we meet with Dima Borisov I get recharged thanks to his energy and positive approach to life. We meet now in Ohota na Ovets restaurant in a cozy atmosphere drinking tea and enjoying the best tiramisu in the city. Dima shares some news especially for Destinations. 

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