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Nowadays, coffee shops can be found in Kyiv on almost every corner, but what to do if you prefer a cup of fragrant warm tea with special delicacies in a calm atmosphere of tea ceremony? Do not worry: Ukrainian capital has plenty of cozy tea bars for any taste, and we will tell you where to find them.

Kyiv’s bar life in October is brimming with new appearances: from a wine laboratory with a crazy scientist as a lead to a BDSM-themed bar, the places worth paying a visit are the saving grace of the cold and grey month.

There are a lot of wonderful bakeries in Kyiv. We’ve narrowed down our favorite spots so you know where to go when you’re craving a pastry, cookie, brownie, cake or simply delicious freshly baked loaf of bread.

A well known among locals restaurant with a true Mexican spirit, Tequila House is a perfect place for a weekend meet-up with friends, family celebrations or frenzy night parties. Choose the time wisely!

Everybody knows that chocolate helps brain to produce hormone of happiness – endorphin. That`s why a piece of good chocolate is one of the best ways to improve one`s mood. Create your good mood by visiting spots with the best chocolate in Kyiv!

Recently opened at Podil, Noyabr Restaurant («November» in Ukrainian) is a brain-child of a popular Ukrainian showman Iliya Noyabrov. Mr. Noyabrov has recently published a book «Kyiv Cuisine», which turned out to be an instant success; so the author decided to turn theory into reality in his new restaurant.

Kyiv has always been generous for warm and cozy places to pop into after a long city stroll or just to have a good time with your loved ones. But who can get enough of a good thing? If you are the one who can't, here new seven to be visited and liked.

For those who are deeply in love with seafood and miss variety of choice, Kyiv restaurants are introducing more and more popular demand - oysters. Accompanied by selected wine of your choice, it is a promise for a splendid evening.

Located in the cozy corner of the city center, Musafir restaurant in Kiev has been rightfully claimed as one of the best restaurants of regional cuisine in the capital. Unique traditional elements in interior, chefs with secret knowledge and the most delicious coffee served in a ceremony, the place is certainly worth a visit.

Pate D'oie is a cozy European-style restaurant located in the business center of Kyiv. The menu is a rather conservative, nevertheless, with its noticeable elegance and French accents. Pleasant music, a comfortable interior and professional and friendly service make this place a great place both for a romantic dinner and for a business meeting.

Charming Lviv brings you joy in any season, even in chilly Ukrainian fall. In this beautiful vibrant city, you will always find plenty of interesting thematic events for any taste, including, of course, diverse food festivals. Do you want to try delicious éclairs, to sip a glass of wonderful wine or to delight yourself with a perfectly cooked steak? Get ready to enjoy the whole range of gastronomic wonders at fall 2017 food festivals in Lviv.

If you are bored by the posh atmosphere of endless restaurants and want to discover new places with the real vibe of the city, you might want to consider spots that are getting more and more popular in Ukraine each year. Street food and small cafés with take-away option and a whole food market with stalls are waiting for you in Odesa.

Everybody knows that France is a real gastronomic paradise, and French cuisine offers the most sophisticated dishes in the whole world. Frenchmen are sure that culinary is a true art, so they treat their chefs as poets and artists who create amazing masterpieces. Do you dream to feel the charming spirit of France and taste such delicacies as quiche, onion soup and ratatouille? We will tell you where to search for the best French restaurants in Kyiv.

One of the newest hotels in Kyiv, Number 21 Hotel by DBI has recently presented its own The Kitchen 21 restaurant. Located on the ground floor of the hotel in the heart of the city, The Kitchen 21 restaurant boasts hip and modern design as well as interesting menu.

Korky and Kryhty (Crumbs and Corks in Ukrainian) is the newest addition to the Lviv wining and dining scene. This is a wine bar as well as a bakery. Here guests can enjoy a glass of wine, a freshly baked Italian pizza, great selection of locally made cheeses to compliment your wine.

Sappy fruits and vegetables are not the only bounty autumn in Kyiv is rich in. Food festivals that make foodies unite also offers harvest of various sorts and flavours. Autumn is no longer about frustration. Give a visit to this five and get a solid proof.

Coffee culture continues to evolve in Ukraine. It seems like Kyiv Vozdvizhenka area is becoming something of a coffee mecca of the capital. Fair Finch coffee shop in Kyiv has opened its doors for guests 2 years ago and now is popular destination for the coffee fans.

Good dining and good wine often go hand in hand, so «Destinations» rounded up Kyiv restaurants with great wine lists.

You don't need 15 page menu of boring stuff - it's one thing that makes people come back to Arsenal restaurant in Lviv and its the awesome ribs. Housed in a historical building of former city’s arsenal, which later was turned into Weapons museum inside the old city walls, Arsenal. Ribs and spirits is among most popular barbecue restaurants in Lviv. In 2017 this restaurant is also nominated for the best meat restaurant in SALT National Restaurant Award.

Located on the top floor of one of the Lviv’s best hotels, Mon Chef Restaurant offers an excellent dining experience in the heart of the city. In 2017 this restaurant is also nominated for the best meat restaurant in SALT National Restaurant Award.

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