Fine dining

This premium restaurant specializes in cooking of various types of meat and offers an impressive wine list. An opportunity to taste meat of calf, pig, rabbit, turkey, ostrich and duck as well as to order the right wine for it is a special feature of the restaurant.

The Bodeguita bar in Kyiv is a kind of a place for a nice Friday night hangout, a place where you will enjoy Mohito and a nice chat with barman Jan who knows a lot of anecdotes.

This place seams the house where you would like to spend at least one weekend. The atmosphere is really unique in a home style. The name of the restaurant is translated like Moments.

Fabrizio Righetti - the chef of Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv restaurants (K-LARGO LOUNGE BAR, BISTRO CÔTÉ EST, MILLE MIGLIA RISTORANTE & ENOTECA) - cooks a risotto with gorgonzola, radicchio and red wine.

“Wine is a proof of God’s love to us and his wish to make us happy”. Benjamin Franklin was right. But the point is to find the best wine in order to become the happiest person.

“Wine Searcher”, the authoritative New Zealand search resource that makes price comparison of top-level wines from all over the world, offers its ranking of the best Italian wines.

Burgers became popular in Kyiv within the last 2 years. Today Kyiv offers really nice places with well-designed interior and tasty burgers.

We’ve met with Fabrizio Righetti in Mille Miglia restaurant & enoteca in Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv on a rainy and cold day for an interview. But instead of usual conversation we started cooking risotto with radicchio and gorgonzola according to the chef’s special recipe and in a few minutes the atmosphere around became warm and cozy.

According to Sol’ (sault) National restaurant award this place has got into “the top 5 meat restaurants” in 2015. This rodizio format steak house, unusual for Ukraine, is located in Pechersk central district of the city. Rodizio means "Eat all you want". 

Traditional pies are the most significant and the most popular goodies among those who live in Lviv, but now you can find them also in Kyiv.

There are not many kosher restaurants in Kyiv unfortunately, so you don’t have a big choice of where to go. We mention the most famous of these places. Most probably, the situation will change in the nearest future and new restaurants will appear in Kyiv.

KOYA combines Asian cuisine with fundamentally new menu positions, classic bar and some experimental technology, ingredients and mixtures.

Amazing views, delicious cuisine and the best service is waiting for guests in these panoramic restaurants.

“Kanapa (Sofa) is a dream. This restaurant as a top of mind place. I planned to make Ukrainian gastronomic restaurant based on my own vision just after successful launch of "Barsuk” (Badger), my first restaurant,” says the famous Kyiv restaurateur and brand chef Dima Borisov.

What can be better than a start of a new day in a cozy café with flavored coffee and hot croissant? But if you have no time for this ceremony in the morning, it is a right time to make a coffee break during a day and enjoy 20 minutes of rest.

There is a very special restaurant that can become one of your favorite places in Kyiv if you like to travel and to taste something new while the voyages. It is located on Pankivska street. We will talk about “Lubimy Diadia” (Beloved Uncle) restaurant.

Shoti is modern restaurant of Georgian cuisine that is located at the center of Kyiv.

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